Thursday, January 7, 2016

Animal Experience - Qasr Al Sarab

So I had forgotten to post some photos from our recent trip to the desert.  There were quite a few activities for the family but unfortunately, most of them were quite expensive!  So we opted for this one called Animal Experience.  We started out with the falcons:
It's amazing how well they have these falcons trained because normally, the falcons would have their eyes covered.  This particular one below was our favorite - mostly white, from Germany:
Then, we got to see the Saluki dogs.  Gosh, talk about skinny!  But supposedly, an adult Saluki can run up to 69km/hr (almost 43mph).
We could have seen them in action but like I mentioned before, it would have cost too much.  I think seeing their webbed feet up close in person was good enough :-)
Onward to the horses!  The boys took turns walking the horse.  They looked so tiny compared to the horse! Every time I see this photo, I keep thinking it's Graham but it's actually Charlie. He's growing up so fast!
Last but not least, the camels.  Charlie's demeanor changed a little when I mentioned about the camel droppings everywhere. But the guy assured us that it was dry and wouldn't stick to the bottom of our shoes. Easy for him to say, he had boots on and we had sandals!  Eewww...!
Well, despite all that - we did have a family photo op with the camel. C'mon... we are in the Middle East!
At least we know they are quite clean.  All of them get shampooed twice a week!
This place is quite something.  As this photo puts it... like a postcard!
And oh, the boys finally were brave enough to hold up the falcon after seeing another little girl do it.  This was by the entrance of the hotel, just as we were getting ready to leave:
Charlie needed a little assistance from the handler:
Perhaps this photo sums up our trip!
A fun experience indeed!

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