Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flowers from... the baby???

So the door bell rings this afternoon,... and it's a delivery from a flower store! The card was addressed to Pesa Pridgen - "Pesa" being the nickname that Bobby calls me. So right off the bat, I know who the flowers are from. But when I opened the card, this is what it read:
And Wen wen is our baby's chinese name. So needless to say, I was laughing when I read the card. I called Bobby and he said that our baby must have WIFI and ordered the flowers from my belly!
Bobby hardly ever buy me flowers, so it was definitely very special to receive them today. I wonder if he's sending a hint that his cookie jar is almost empty!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sis' visit to Tulsa

My sister came by to visit me last week. It worked out well as Bobby was out of town again for work. We spent quite a bit of time getting the baby's room ready - fixing up the crib, finding the right mattress, and buying all the other essentials to dress it up. And then, also putting the dresser together - only to find out that one of the parts were labeled incorrectly! I'm still waiting to hear back from the company. Hopefully it's as easy as them sending a part vs. us taking the dresser apart and sending the whole thing back! If that's the case, I'm going to just go to Target and trade our drawer for one of the correct ones in the store!
When Bobby came home on Saturday, we all made dumplings for dinner.
Yup, that's me... belly getting big at 32-weeks!
On Sunday, Bobby and I went to play golf. It was a little chilly starting out, but it turned out to be a really nice day at the end.
And Bobby wants the record to show that he won 1-up by the 18th hole. It was a close match. I'm still trying to shake off those wedge shanks!
As for my indoor garden, things are sprouting along nicely! The weather is suppose to be really nice and sunny this week too, so that will definitely help speed up the process!
Our Chanticleer Ornamental Pear tree (which we previously thought was a Dogwood) is also coming into full bloom. I just love those cream white flowers. So pretty!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

First day of Spring... NOT!

Yesterday was the first day of spring... but by the end of the day, it was reported that Tulsa had 6" of snow! We probably got more like 8" by the end of the snowfall this morning. CRAAAZY!!!
Here's what my pretty blue flowers looked like the day before the first day of Spring. And then, the snow started falling...
Thankfully, we remembered to bring in the lavender that morning before the heavy storm and wind!
A few hours later...
If anything, the bad weather made us stay in and that gave Bobby no excuses but to put the glider and the baby's crib together (while I supervised :-) By the way, the glider is super-comfy!
By the end of the night...
And after more snowfall this morning, check out the accumulation on the deck!
I wonder if any of these flowers are going to make it. I sure hope so. And let's not forget my poor blueberry plant that I had just put in the ground last weekend! Argh!!! The good news is it will be back up to the 60s pretty quickly so everything will thaw out soon.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home update

As the weather progresses to get warmer, I decided to start our little garden indoors. It's my first time using these biodegradable pots and some fancy soil... so we'll see if it works! We have basil, tomato, chives, parsley, cilantro, lemon, sunflowers,... I think that's it. I need to plant a chili plant too - for my dad when he visits :-)
And outdoors, we have a pot of lavender (Yes! I finally found some!). I can't wait for the flowers to bloom. Lavender reminds me so much of New Zealand - when we were driving in the south island, there were lavender farms. The sea of purple was so pretty! I've also planted a blueberry plant - my first ever! There are already flowers on it, as you can see in the pic. Bobby said that if we do end up with blueberries, he will make me blueberry pancakes! I say it's only a matter of time :-) as long as the rabbits and deer to get to them first! I did just put up a fence, although it seems rather low. Hmm....

Another update on the home improvement front: the dining room. The original color of the dining room was rather dark, so we decided it needed to be change to something lighter/brighter. Here are the before pictures:
And now, the after pictures! We changed the chandelier to a smaller one, which hence doesn't make our old kitchen table look so small. We also got a new rug. Love it!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is in the air!

With all the rain that we've been getting, the plants are finally starting to bloom in the backyard. The rose bush was in bad need of pruning and of course, fighting with a thorny plant is never a good idea! Here are a couple of pics taken today.
I don't remember the name of this plant/flower. It's yet to come into full bloom.
And here are the daffodils. So pretty! I wish I could say the same for all the chives that are growing next to these daffodils. Spent about an hour and a half pulling them out and it seems like I've barely made a dent! I'm assuming the previous owners planted them and they seem to grow like weeds! Sort of the same as the mint. Never plant them in the ground!!!!
Spotted the hawk yesterday having its meal on a tree branch in the backyard.
I was trying to get a close up when the hawk picked up its meal. I didn't get a good picture but it almost looks like the bottom half of a frog. YUCK!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New stove!!!

Finally... after a year of moving into this house, we have a new gas stove! Actually, we just missed our home's 1-year anniversary by a week (March 2, 2009). Wow! Where has the time flown!
Anyhow, back to the stove - we were going to wait a little longer but I guess Bobby got just as frustrated as I did when he has had to use it more often recently. Kinda like the "Honey, I need new knives" story :-)
I love LOVE the new gas stove. It has noticeable cut down my cooking and baking time! We also decided to get a stove with a 5th burner. Bobby said that he would make pancakes on it. He is banned from the waffle maker for just a little while longer. It took me over 1/2 hour to clean the waffle maker the last time he used it to make breakfast!
We were going to try and add the stove into the baby registry, but hehe... didn't think that idea would fly so well ;-)
Our old flat-top electric stove went to the guy/contractor that installed our new stove. Jeff mentioned that his mom wanted a new stainless steel stove to match the rest of her new appliances, and he agreed to trade his installation service for the stove! There was a lot more entailed to the installation - putting in a new pipe and gas shut-off valve and changing the voltage from 220V to 110V, which meant messing with the breaker. Phew! I'm glad he knew what he was doing!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baby update - 29 weeks

Well,... here's me at 29 weeks! I've never felt more pregnant in my life! I'm really starting to feel myself waddle, especially after playing 18 holes. And I am out of breath so easily just by putting my shoes on or bending over to pick something up. I can feel little baby Graham (yes, we finally picked a name!) moving around in my belly, especially at night. Let's hope he's more quiet when he is out in the real world!
And after almost 2 1/2 months, we were finally able to see our baby again during an ultrasound session. Here's a picture of his profile:
I think I've labeled his face correctly! You can never tell what's what in these ultrasound images!
Baby Graham is larger than what he's suppose to be at 29 weeks. Right now, he's in the 85th percentile - meaning that only 15% of other babies are larger than him. The doctor recommended that I should switch from 2% to 1% milk so there is less fat content. Guess we want to be sure he doesn't get TOO big!
In the meantime, we've been receiving some really nice gifts from friends and family. We can't thank everyone enough for their generosity! One gift recently in particular stands out - a blanket from Bobby's aunt Betty. After hearing about the "monkey" in the baby's room, she handmade a baby blanket with monkeys on it! And I have to say, it's pretty close to the monkey that I drew on the wall!
Only 6 more weeks to go! :-) Bobby and I are definitely getting more excited! Although I think I'm rather more anxious about the delivery!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fun golf weekend

The weather wasn't quite perfect but just warm enough for Bobby and I to go out and play our matches. And yes! I won! Both days!!! Bobby said that he let me win. Uh huh...! He just can't bear the thought that he lost to his wife who is 7 months pregnant! I was putting really well though. Guess all that tv time at home watching the pros play has paid off a little - enough for some bragging rights at home :-)
In the meantime, my hair has grown long enough that I can actually put it in a little ponytail! It's been 9 1/2 months since I had my hair buzzed for charity.