Monday, September 27, 2010

Golf outing on a chilly day

I couldn't believe it,... yesterday's temperature barely broke 70F! It was cloudy and windy and Bobby and I decided to take Graham out golfing anyway :-)
Here's Graham all dressed up in his overalls and check out his fancy shoes!
By the time we got to the golf course, we had him all bundled up in his blanket. Love his Nike cap!
Oh, by the way, on the way to the golf course, he finally learned to pull on his blue birdie! And he was busy doing that while we were warming up... although that didn't last too long. So Daddy had to take him to the shed to calm him down and feed him.
Eventually, Graham did fall asleep in his carseat on the golf cart...
But by the 6th hole, he got fussy again. So Bobby and I took turns holding him as we continued to play. We had a match going!
Graham is always so much happier at the end of the round, after being fed! Our little stinker!

Graham's first attempt at rice cereal

I guess I'll just let the pictures tell the story:
I'm not sure exactly how much Graham ate yesterday. It seemed like he got most of the rice cereal on his bib and shirt and the Bumbo chair!

In the meantime, Graham is still getting used to sitting up properly on his high chair:

He's also getting used to his Jumperoo. I think he's left foot is finally touching the ground!
Although, for whatever reason, he just won't put his right foot on the ground!
Our baby boy is growing up so quickly. He's already 18 weeks old! And he's also started to learn how to spit!

You just never know what he's going to learn next!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Graham's 4-month appointment

Graham is now 4 months old! His doctor's appointment went well yesterday. The nurse went through a checklist and seems like Graham is on target with all his mobility and yes, including blowing bubbles too! He's now 24 1/4" tall and 14 lbs 9 oz. According to the graph, he's smack in the middle - Mr. Average!
He did get 2 more vaccinations yesterday and surprisingly, he didn't cry as much as I thought he would. Once Daddy picked him up, he calmed down pretty quickly. He did cry again when I put him in his carseat as we were about to leave, but barely onto the freeway and he was already fast asleep! He was still asleep when I brought him into the house, although not for long. After his nap, he had his Tazmanian Devil band-aid to show for.
This past week, it's been more difficult to put him down for his naps. He's an expert roller now, but unfortunately only one-way from his belly to his back. He would then cry and eventually just end up sleeping on his side, with his thumb in his mouth, of course.
And yesterday, Graham just started to learn how to grab his toys in the car (yes, he has already been grabbing onto my hair and shirt!). He was grabbing onto this pacifier in the car and at one point, fell asleep with it in his hand!
By the way, we discovered last night that we've been feeding Graham recalled milk powder! I say "bug parts = extra protein"!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guest bathroom is finally done!

Yes, yes! Even I can't believe it,... the guest bathroom is finally done. Hoorah!! Actually, a friend of mine is staying the night tonight, which is what motivated me to get the bathroom finished. Apologies to my in-laws and sister for having to put up with primered walls for the longest time!
I used the same green paint as the 1/2 bath downstairs. When we do try to sell the house, I hope the new owners like green! I also put up a new light fixture and changed out all the light switch plates and the door knob.
This was also my first attempt at caulking. I think I did a pretty darn good job, if I must say myself! ;-)
Oh! Look... I found some pics of the bathroom with its wallpaper!
And this is me all geared up for sanding! This was back in mid February - about 7 months pregnant at the time :-)
I'm glad Graham turned out ok. Who knows how much dust and primer/paint fumes I inhaled during my pregnancy! Based on the next pic, I think he turned out ok :-)
Yes, we did cave in and buy one of those Bumbo chairs! Ok, maybe it was mean to post that pic. Here's a better one (at 17 weeks and 2 days old). He is our cutie pie!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lovely weather

The weather has been quite nice in the evenings these past few days. I hope that means the summer is coming to an end! It's been a hot summer season and we are finally able to sit outside on our deck. While we were having dinner, Graham was just "chillaxing" in his stroller (as Daddy would put it).
When dinner was done, Daddy was finally able to pick Graham up and give him some kisses.
Back in the house, we've put together the Jumperoo for Graham. I was going to put it together a few weeks ago but Daddy insisted that Graham's neck was still not quite strong enough yet. Plus, he was already accusing me of using the Jumperoo as a babysitter! Anyhow, Graham is still discovering his new Jumperoo. Poor fella... Graham is just dangling in his Jumperoo as his toes aren't even touching the floor yet!

Wearing my ring again!

I was so excited for the UPS truck to arrive yesterday. While we were in NJ a couple of weeks ago, I went to the store to have my engagement ring re-sized (1/4 size bigger!) and I just couldn't wait to put it back on! It has been ages since I've been able to wear my ring. Halfway through my pregnancy, I had to take it out because it was getting really tight. My fingers were puffy and were constantly aching, especially in the mornings. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was actually able to put my ring on my right pinky!
Bobby signed for the package at the door and when he opened up the package, I had him get on one knee and propose to me all over again, since he never did get on that one knee the first time! And of course, my answer was yes again! ;-)
In the meantime, it's been almost 4 months since giving birth and I'm only 3 lbs heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight now. I never thought I would lose all that weight! That's almost 35 lbs!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Graham is 16 weeks old

Can't believe our little "peanut" is now 16 weeks old. He has been getting bigger by the second! He is now flipping over from his belly to his back every morning when he wakes up. Thankfully he stays pretty quiet... until I hear him choking on his own spit! Graham has been getting up pretty early in the mornings now because of a hungry belly. I wonder if we'll start him on rice cereal after his 4-month doctor's appointment.

Graham has started to "talk" as well this past week. I really wonder what he's saying...

Apart from "talking" and laughing a lot, he has also learned how to scream - but thankfully it's a happy scream. Although, his cries has also gotten louder as he gets bigger! Graham has also discovered his feet this week. He loves to pull on his socks! And he still continues to enjoy kicking his toy on his high chair (... and yes, slouch too!)

We went to watch the LPGA ladies play this past Saturday at Rogers, AR. I couldn't take the camera out to the course, but Graham was a hit with quite a few people, especially with his cute little Nike cap on his head (thank you Donna for the cap! :-). On our way out to the golf course, he was fussing in the car and so I fed him while Daddy continued to drive (yes, Mommy is always in the backseat now). I was able to take this "Got Milk" picture :-)
By the way, did I mention how much he has been drooling lately too??!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First roadtrip with Mommy

Last week, Bob, Graham and I went on our first road trip! It was my first event back on the Duramed FUTURES Tour. It was Graham's first plane ride to New Jersey and I have to say, he did quite well! Thankfully he wasn't that "screaming baby" that everyone dreads!
Here's our attempt at our first family pic on the plane :-)
While in NJ, Graham got to meet all his cousins for the first time. Here's Graham with Grandma and his cousin Madison.
Golf didn't go very well but to be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect. I actually played quite well during Day 1, so that's something positive to go by.
It was great to see old friends again as well as the Tour's staff. Graham was such a hit with the girls! It was also nice to see Bob with Graham in the stroller every day when I arrived on the last hole of the day :-)