Friday, July 29, 2011

Random pics of Graham

Here are some random pics of Graham taken recently. This one is of him sitting up on his chair in the kitchen, pretending to read:Graham loves playing outside in the yard. We have to do that early in the morning before it gets too hot!
Here's one of him trying to balance a plastic bowl on his foot. How knows where he learned this one from!
Graham LOVES goldfish crackers!
He's learning how to use his spoon more although a lot of his food still ends up on his bib, chair, and floor... and face and hair too, of course:
And finally, Graham sleeping in his carseat in the car. It's been so hot lately that we decided to put a fan in the backseat. My car actually has an electrical outlet in the back! How neat is that!
Can't leave home without his blankie!

Graham has been mastering his climbing skills a lot lately too. He's climbing into the fridge now when I do leave the fridge door open. At daycare, the teacher said that he's trying to climb on the file cabinets. And today, when we were on the driving range, Graham was climbing all over the golf cart and he also ended up on top of the big basket of golf balls! I forgot to bring the camera with me but hopefully we'll capture those moments the next time we are out there!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Our one ear of corn

Well... I think I picked it too early!
The kernels were almost semi-transparent. Looks like we'll have to try again next year! In any case, I think the birds enjoyed it :-)

Another trip to the Zoo

Since it's been so hot, the zoo decided to open up at 7am this summer! However, , even despite getting up early, we still arrived at about 9am. Maybe we shouldn't have let Graham play in the kitchen:
The zoo had added some beautiful flowers and foliage by the entrance. There were butterflies everywhere!
We decided to start from the other side of the zoo this time and we discovered a whole new section dedicated to the kids! Somehow we just never came across it during our previous trips to the zoo:
I think Daddy had a good time too posing for this pic :-)

We took a little break again by the play area:
Graham loved it!

And of course, we never miss the rhinos:
The rhinos were standing and were quite close to the fence. Very neat!

And the zebras were finally out this time too!
The bears were out for a bit too. The grizzly bear was running around and jumping into its pool. I couldn't get a picture though. Oh well, I'm sure we'll have plenty of chances next time!

We hit the splash pad again when we were done with the zoo. And again, he was completely soaked! We changed him again at the back of the car. I'll be kind to Graham and not post any pics of his nude bottom :-)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Graham at 14 months

Graham is 14 months old today! It's been over a month since he started daycare and he is doing much better now. He still cries when I drop him off though and he would crawl really fast to me when he sees me by the door when I come by to pick him up - most of the time crying on his way to me! The teacher did say that he enjoys playing in class now and has been eating most of his meals. And he's been napping very well too!

So Graham still hasn't started walking yet. He continues to favor crawling and loves to tug on my leg/shorts so that I would pick him up! And let's see... his new words for the month that I can think of right now are: bubbles or "bubba" (from this bath), duck, gold-fish (the cheesy snack that is), yogurt, and bread (which he pronounces as "bau bau" for "mien bau" in Chinese). So I guess most of his new words are food related! And he still loves to "knock, knock" or "na na" on doors and windows and is really good at saying "no" or "na" as he waves his hand around!

Graham has also learned to develop a temper tantrum. So when he's restless at restaurants, we take him by the kitchens so he can check out all the action behind the counter:And even with all the toys in the house, he loves to just play with my cellphone:
Anytime he hears the special ring tone when Bobby calls, he would say "Da da! Da da!".

I wonder what this next month will bring!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Garden Update

I believe we are on Day 15 for days with highs in the 100s. It's crazy HOT! You know it's hot when even the weeds are wilting - in the shade!

Our vegetable garden is still doing rather well actually. I was able to set up a timer and a soaker hose before our trip this past week. I should have done that when I first started the garden. What an easy watering solution!
The tomatoes are getting really over-crowded. I really should have read those planting instructions! We've been picking mostly cherry tomatoes, although I did spot a few more Big Boy tomatoes! I can't wait!
I have yet to see a single green bean. My bamboo poles were too short and I guess extending them with twist-ties was not the brightest idea. Ha ha!
Oh, and look... one ear of corn!!!
I was told that you're suppose to plant at least 2 corn plants so they can pollinate. So I'm not exactly sure how this one corn came about! ... which makes me wonder if I really want to eat this one!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back on Tour!

We were up in NJ and CT this past week. We flew into Newark to visit Bobby's family and then proceeded to drive up to Bloomfield, CT for my first start of the season on the Futures Tour.

Graham had a good time on the plane: And while Daddy went to pick up the rental car, Graham enjoyed riding on the suitcase:
When we arrived in CT, Graham felt right at home at my housing's home. He loved the new toys that Rich and Ann had bought for him. It didn't take long for Graham to find Simon (their dog)'s basket of toys either!
Graham definitely enjoyed playing ball with Simon:

It was Graham's first experience playing ball with a dog and he truly enjoyed it. Graham also had his first experience riding in the little car that's connected to the shopping cart:
Gosh, you should have heard him cry when I took him out of it in the parking lot! It was one of those cries where he doesn't make a sound until about 5 seconds later!

During the week, we took a little walk to the park nearby to listen to some music, but unfortunately it was canceled due to the rain. We walked through the rose garden and Graham practiced his new word:

I can't thank Rich and Ann enough for a great week. Graham loved every moment, especially when he had a chance to play in the backyard with the sprinkler!
My golf was still a little rusty. I did read a little tip in a golf book last week about the secrets of Ben Hogan's swing. Looks like I'll have something to work on these next few weeks before my next tourney. Thank you to my entourage of friends and family for coming out to support me!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Graham's new skills

Graham is really learning a lot of new things these past few days. Well, the golf swing - we've been practicing that for a bit now but I recently just taught him how to hold the golf club with both hands. That's what he is trying to do with the spoon in the video. And then, we recently bought him a new t-shirt with a monkey wearing a bandana and the caption "I know Kung Fu". And so I was showing him some Kung Fu moves with the hand action (and with the sound effects as well, of course :-). And as you can also see in the video... it caught on :-)

He gets such a good laugh out of it when he does his Kung Fu move! And we do too! :-D

We've also been teaching Graham how to blow kisses or as we would say... Flying kiss!

It's so funny because he makes the "kissing" sound too! Too cute!

Who knows what he is going to learn next. He is definitely taking on the word "no" really quickly as well. He actually still pronounces it as "na". Bobby got a first-hand of it today when Graham took the pen away from him while he was trying to work on the crossword puzzle this morning. When Bobby asked Graham for the pen back, Graham said "na!". I think we're in trouble now!


Our neighbor who is a Mary Kay rep, gave me a make-over as a belated birthday present! How sweet! I was only suppose to be away for 1 hour but I guess we got a little carried away. Graham and Daddy waited patiently for Mommy to come home. And... ta da!

We were going with the "natural" look. I really like it - it's very light. I still have to figure out how to use the eye-liner! I know... such a rookie :-)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy July 4th

Since the temperature was so hot outside, we decided to visit the Oklahoma Aquarium this past Monday. It was really crowded! I guess everyone else had the same idea.

Of course, we started out with the shark tank since it was feeding time:
We saw a few other feeding sessions too - the piranhas, the electric eel (did you know that the eel is actually in the catfish family??), and the Archer fish. They had installed a speaker in the eel's tank so you could actually hear the electric shock that the eel was giving to its meal! And the Archer fish was really neat too. It would spit water onto its prey (in this case, some dead krill) that's above the water. Too cool!

The rest of the day at the aquarium, Graham really liked pointing to the fishes and saying "fish":

Or more like "ish" :-)

I think Daddy had a really good time too at the aquarium - especially when he found the "Feed the Shark" computer monitor:
Daddy is so silly sometimes! :-D

Here are some other pictures of Graham taken this past weekend:
Graham wearing his puppy shoes.
He actually leaves them on for a while now!

Graham saying "Where is it?"
after putting something away in the drawer

Graham supporting himself with one hand
(and carrying his chair in the other!)

I know I keep saying this but it's true... he is growing up SO quickly!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Look who is sitting up like a big boy!

We recently brought Graham's chair out of the closet and thought that maybe he could learn to sit in it again. He loves to push it around the living room but today, he actually sat in it just long enough for me to take a few pictures:
He looks like such a little boy! Especially when he's sitting in the chair watching golf :-)
Here's a little flahsback... Graham at 3 months old on his chair. What a difference between a toddler and a baby!

Friday, July 1, 2011

More teeth for Graham!

I can't believe it, but I just spotted some more teeth that are cutting in. Graham's molars were just out not that long ago and there's probably still one or two that aren't quite completely out yet. Maybe that's why he's been so cranky lately!

So let's see now... it's his Cuspids that are coming out. And I see "white" on all four of them! This teeth chart has come in really handy :-)

With all these teeth coming out, I think Graham is starting to get a sweet tooth. His teacher in class says that he loves pudding and ice-cream! At home, Graham has taken a liking to eating yogurt. He especially loves to play with the cup after:
Until of course when he gets his hand stuck in the cup!