Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thumb Report - Week 5

The "nasty factor" of the nail just keeps increasing as the weeks go by. As you can see, the indentation is more obvious now as the nail continues to grow... :-s

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Made the cut!

After a long drought of missed cuts, I finally made one! Yay! Thanks to my CLP Cheering Squad - Tammy & Shawn Perreault and their friend Dan! And not forgetting my housing host too, Hugh... and I guess I can't forget about my caddy as well, Jay. And yes yes... I bet my hubby is reading this, so I'll have to thank him too :-P

It sure feels good to be able to play on Sunday, although they are expected some bad weather tomorrow. 7:40am tee-time so it's going to be an early morning! I suppose I could finish up my leftovers of Guiness beef stew for a quick easy breakfast :-)
(Thanks for buying dinner too, guys!)

And as for my bee sting, it started to itch early this morning while I was sleeping and during the round, I accidently scratched it and then it really started to itch! Sure isn't looking very pretty. I'm such a mess...!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Stung by a bee!

I sat on the chair at the scoring tent and OUCH! I felt a sting and saw something fly away! Well, I've come to find out that I'm not allergic to bee stings and thankfully so because the EMT that arrived at the scoring tent didn't even have a bee kit! I had to roll my shorts halfway up my thigh to check on the sting and my caddy Jay was quick in reacting and rubbed some dirt on the sting (while I was standing up and reciting my playing partner's scorecard..!). I felt the pain for a few more minutes but once I was done at the scoring tent, the sting was gone! AMAZING! Thankfully the bee didn't sting me on my butt! :-) I'm not sure if I would have stripped down at the tent. Haha!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So close to $1,000!

The Yes! Putter challenge was held today on the practice green at Beaver Meadow GC, NH. I came in with the lowest 18-hole score at 3-under. The top 3 scores and ties go into a play-off. There were a total of 7 of us for the play-off. And when it came down to just 3 of us, the 2 other girls made their putts on the 4th play-off hole... and I didn't! :-(
I was actually trying out a new Yes! Putter today, just a couple of hours before the challenge - the same model but I'm back to the short one (instead of the belly putter). We'll see how it goes tomorrow during practice and if I still like it, I'm going to use it for the tourney this week :-)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thumb Report - Week 4

Week 4 and it's obvious now that the nail has grown. Last week I mentioned that my cuticle was sticking to my nail. Well, that's no longer the case. I can see that my nail has concaved at the bottom of the cuticle and there seems to be blood clots. Nasty!

Another stay-home sunday

Bob was able to come out and caddy me this week as he is currently in-between jobs. We started out with 1-over (72) on Friday and on Saturday, I ended up 6-over par after 9 holes! I was able to make one birdie coming in but that wasn't good enough. I missed the cut by 1 :-( Nonetheless, I did hit some great shots this week! Will need to carry those forward to NH next week.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Thumb report - Week 3

It looks as if my nail has grown a little bit but the cuticle seems to be stuck to the nail. Guess the impact of the car door really did do some damage here! The nail is still attached though. The suspense continues...


I was confident coming into Bloomfield, CT last week to play well, but unfortunately the golf course got me again! I watched the leaders play on Sunday and it looked like they were struggling as well (especially with the wind blowing)... all the leaders except for Vicky Hurst of course. She just won her 3rd tournament in a row! Amazing! It's too bad the FUTURES Tour does not have the "battlefield promotion" similar to the Nationwide Tour, where she then could be promoted to the LPGA tour after her 3rd win. Speaking of Nationwide Tour - Rick Price won the Nationwide Tour Players Cup yesterday. After 9 years on the Nationwide Tour and 19 times in PGA q-school , Price finally graduated to the PGA tour next year at the age of 40! Looks like there's still hope for me :-)

My housing worked out really well this week. Rich and Ann made me feel very much at home and I think I've continued to gain a few pounds since the week off at my mom-in-laws! Rich gave me a little putting tip as well! By the way, on our night out for dinner, I saw this HUGE door...!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Two hours into my drive today towards Bloomfield, CT... "Lola" - my GPS unit... quit working! Fortunately, I took a glimpse at the turn-by-turn screen to get a quick idea of where to go before I lost satellite reception, so I had a brief idea of my next exit. But nonetheless, during the half hour that Lola was out, I was trying to read my road atlas while driving and was hoping she would say something soon! And what a sigh of relief when Lola was finally revived within the last half hour of the journey. Phew! I did have the driving directions provided by the FUTURES Tour as back-up, but I wasn't expecting Lola to quit on me like that!
My phone battery died out too when I arrived at the golf course today. I'll have to figure out this new phone soon! I had already deleted some of my contacts from my SIM card by accident. Hmm... what else could go wrong??? Oh, that's right - my bluetooth earpiece wouldn't work either during my drive today. Sigh...

Week of July 4th

The off-week started with unloading my car into my mom-in-law's living room. And as you can see, I haven't quite figured out how to travel light :-) Mom-in-law was trying to figure out how I managed to fit everything in my little 2-door honda! Yes, quite a system to my madness!
The other reason why I had to clean out my car was because I was taking it in for service. I figured it was time for a major service/maintenance at 190,000 miles. Let's not talk about how much I paid... :-s

Bobby arrived at the Newark airport wednesday night. After filing for a lost luggage, his golf bag finally arrived on the belt an hour and a half later, just as he was walking out of the claims office! Of course, it would have helped if he told the airline right at that time that his baggage actually did arrive because I kept receiving voicemails on my phone that they were still tracking his golf bag! I hope they were paid double overtime for that!

The weather held up pretty well during our golf days on Friday and Saturday with Bob's brothers. We were able to play at Liberty National Golf Club where his brother Kenny works at. What a golf course! Just beautiful... and with only 80+ members, the golf course does not get very much play on it and so the conditions were just immaculate! And how about the Statue of Liberty as a backdrop!

Since we had all of Bobby's family around this holiday weekend, we decided to eat our wedding cake. We defrosted the 9-month old cake from his mom's freezer and amazingly, it still tasted really good! We weren't sure if we would be back in NJ for our 1 year anniversary in Oct, so we figured 9 months was close enough. Plus, techically... we were married on Jan 6, 2007. :-)

Thumb report - Week 2

Well, another week has gone by and I don't think I've made much progress with the healing of my thumb. It doesn't hurt anymore, which I guess is a good thing now but it still looks really bad. The blood clot has not moved up the nail... which means... hmm... is the nail dead? I'm sure I'll find out soon enough when it does finally fall off. Thinking of that just makes me cringe! :-s