Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

It was another trip to the pumpkin patch before Halloween.  Graham didn't want to put on his Halloween outfit and as for Charlie, I found a bee outfit for him in the closet (a hand-me-down from his cousin in MN).
So, okay... the outfit was a little bit small for him.  And Charlie is doing that thing with his mouth again!
Hmm... which pumpkin should we pick???
Runaway bee!!!
There were quite a few more things this year at the pumpkin patch. And Graham did not have the same enthusiasm with the doll/play-houses like he did last year.  Instead, he liked the bouncy house:
And while big brother was playing, Mommy and Charlie decided to take some pictures - Giddy up, horsey!
And then, Graham got to milk the "cow":
At the very end of the pumpkin patch, the boys got to play a little more.  Charlie loved sitting on this little tractor and instead of going forward, he was pushing it backwards with his feet!
And Graham just loved piling up the gourds in his little wheelbarrow and pushing it around:
I'd say it was a good day at the pumpkin patch.  Until next year...!

More tree cutting

We had cut down and trimmed some trees last year and we decided it was time to cut down a few more trees this season.  Well, when I say "we", I mean we hired some people to do it :-)
Here's the before:
And here's the after!
We did decide to take that big tree down afterall:
And the guys started a big bonfire:
... which Bobby and Graham enjoyed tending to it at the end of the day:
Look at all that wood!  Eventually, the guys are coming back to haul that way. Eventually!
Our yard definitely looks a lot more spacious now.
Large enough for some golf pitching practice :-)

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Pridgen boys class pic

The boys didn't have official class pics this year at school as we were in Malaysia during the photography session. So I took matter into my own hands and thankfully, it was a nice enough day last Saturday for the boys to wear their matching short-sleeve checkered shirts!
First, was Charlie. I thought this photo came out perfect!
Of course, there were plenty of other attempts.  Some serious ones... like he's saying "Mom, seriously?"
And then, at other times he's just completely distracted:
By the way, the pumpkin that he's holding was one that he made in school.  Definitely came in handy for picture-taking!
And then, it was time to take photos of both boys.  This was quite a challenge, as you will see:
Charlie loves doing that with his mouth!  And Graham would just constantly say "cheese" but not really look at the camera.  In the meantime, Daddy is standing behind me - trying to get the boys to look at the camera by waving a big branch above my head!
Getting closer...!
After a few more attempts, we decided on this one.  I thought the boys looked good in this one!
And now, Graham's turn.  Funny enough, this was actually more difficult than Charlie!
We tried standing at first, but it didn't work out too well.  Plus, he was completely distracted with something across the street!
And then, ta da!  The last picture taken worked out the best! Thankfully!
We did try some other pics with both boys together after that but it didn't work out too well:
Although, this one could work too!
No wonder those professional photographers charge so much money for their work!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oh, how they grow up so quickly!

A friend of mine sent me some photos taken on her phone during the recent Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia.  And included in the zip file was also some photos taken from my first appearance in the tournament back in 2010.  And I saw this pic:
Oh! Look at Graham!  He was only 5 months old at that time.  And look at him now:
All grown up... and won't stop talking! Ha ha! :-)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A good time in Malaysia

I think everyone had a really good time during this past trip in Malaysia.  Despite the missed flight in Chicago on our way there, we made the best of it coming home by flying in business class!  It was great because the boys were able to lay flat all the way in their seats:
Even Charlie didn't fuss!
Check out all those button controls for the seat.  It even has a massage option!
The crew on the flight was great too.  Graham got a chance to see the cockpit before departure!
Charlie, on the other hand enjoyed his own TV/entertainment:
And during transit in Abu Dhabi, we were able to utilize the business lounge as we were flying in business class.  That meant the boys were able to enjoy the playroom in the lounge. Graham didn't want to leave!
Good thing the room came equipped with a lounge nanny because obviously someone was off duty!

Along with beach time in KK, the boys also enjoyed some pool time:
Charlie just loves the water!
So much for not trying to get him wet.  He was completely drenched even with holding him back in knee-deep water!
By the way, even in Kuala Lumpur, the boys had some pool time with their teacher at daycare during lunch time.  It's a little tough to see, but I love how Ms. Tammy parts Charlie's hair to the side. And he got a bath every single day. He smelled so good - just like a baby!
Back in KK, I had a chance to meet up with some old friends from high school:
And also with some family - my dad (seated in the middle with Graham), my younger brother (to Bobby's left) and his wife, aunts, and cousins:
I even brought the boys back to my brother's house, where I used to live:
I'm glad the boys got to spend some time with grandpa/Lau Ye and that my dad got to see Charlie for the first time:
By the end of our 4-day trip in KK, Charlie was comfortable with Lau Ye where he would actually let Grandpa hold him:
And Graham... well, he was being just his usual self!
Hopefully things will work out and we can make this trip again for the Sime Darby LPGA and be back in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu as a family next year!

By the way, I think Charlie actually took his first step in Malaysia!

First time on the beach for the boys

Graham and Charlie has never been on the beach before.  So before leaving my hometown of Kota Kinabalu (K.K.), we had to be sure we put in some beach time.  The boys loved it!
Charlie loved to dig...
And dig...
Graham, on the other hand, liked watering down the sand:
They just couldn't get enough of it!
Hope they did get enough time on the sand because who knows when we'll see the beach again.
The boys are too cute:
Happy Charlie!
We're sure going to miss KK.  By the way, finally a photo where everyone is looking at the camera but it's a little dark because of the sunset in the background!