Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

It was another trip to the pumpkin patch before Halloween.  Graham didn't want to put on his Halloween outfit and as for Charlie, I found a bee outfit for him in the closet (a hand-me-down from his cousin in MN).
So, okay... the outfit was a little bit small for him.  And Charlie is doing that thing with his mouth again!
Hmm... which pumpkin should we pick???
Runaway bee!!!
There were quite a few more things this year at the pumpkin patch. And Graham did not have the same enthusiasm with the doll/play-houses like he did last year.  Instead, he liked the bouncy house:
And while big brother was playing, Mommy and Charlie decided to take some pictures - Giddy up, horsey!
And then, Graham got to milk the "cow":
At the very end of the pumpkin patch, the boys got to play a little more.  Charlie loved sitting on this little tractor and instead of going forward, he was pushing it backwards with his feet!
And Graham just loved piling up the gourds in his little wheelbarrow and pushing it around:
I'd say it was a good day at the pumpkin patch.  Until next year...!

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