Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy Easter!

I know Easter was a couple of weeks ago, but I just realized I haven't posted the pics of the boys yet!  Here's Charlie with his bunny ears.  He actually loves wearing them!
I sent Charlie to school with his bunny ears and his teachers said he had them on until lunch time. It would have been longer if another little boy didn't take them off him!

Graham, on the other hand was very excited about his Easter basket.  It's amazing how he agreed to only opening a few at school and the rest at home.  He does listen!... when it comes to chocolate, I suppose :-)
We went to the club for a quick dinner and took the opportunity to take some pics with the boys.
As usual, it is so difficult to take good pictures!
But we keep trying anyhow :-)
We'll see if Charlie will wear his bunny ears next year!

Monday, April 14, 2014


This year, I decided to plant some tulips.  I probably didn't plant them at the "right" time, but thankfully they are now blooming!
The red ones are pretty:
The white ones are just as pretty with a little hint of purple:
The boys, on the other hand, are more interested with the dandelions.
Yes, Graham is actually holding an arrow and he's using the end bit of it, which I just learned is called the "nock" (the internet is amazing!) to "cut the dandelion" as Graham puts it.
And you wonder why these boys are sneezing so much!!!

Well, the temperature tonight is going to dip down to 30F.  I hope the tulips and the rest of my plants survive the freeze!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Busy boys

We bought a new soccer goal a few weeks ago.  They boys really love it!
Graham loves being the scorer where as Charlie is still working on being the goalie :-)
The boys also love helping Mommy in the yard.  We're trying to put together a little paved spot for the mower this Spring.
 So busy!
Speaking of Spring, our bradford pear tree didn't have a full bloom this year.  The white flowers are so pretty but everything turned green so quickly this year!
And they say not to touch those daffodil bulbs once they are out, but I decided to move some bulbs to the front yard just last month.  There were a whole bunch of them surrounding a tree that we have removed recently in the backyard.  Well, I'm happy to say those daffodils survived the transplant!
 Nothing too much else going on.  We made a quick trip to the aquarium last Friday. The boys always enjoy doing that.  The eel was out from hiding when we were there.  It's so creepy looking!
And then, there's also the HUGE creepy looking snapping turtle!  This picture does not do it justice. Trust me, it was huge!
As usual, the boys loved the little tortoises.  It's nice that the glass viewing is just at the right height for Charlie:
Graham wanted to take a pic with the (fake) crocodile out front but didn't stay on it for too long because he said the crocodile was very spiky. He he...
Charlie, on the other hand was just happy with his snack in the stroller on the way to the car.
And oh, here's my first attempt at an pirate eye patch.  It was Pirate Day for Graham at school today.
The eye patch might have been just a tad big but he was really happy with it.  Lesson learnt though - can't make eye patches with felt as the fabric is too fragile for a 3 1/2 year old!  Thankfully it lasted just long enough for his treasure hunt :-)

New pantry door

So new pantry door was finally installed last week!  I think it looks pretty nifty.  Here's the original door:
It was a few extra bucks to have the installer haul it away, so instead I kept it and drove it over to Habitat for Humanity.  And I just discovered they have a store there too!
Here's the new door!
It was a less expensive to go with the pine and I thought that maybe the natural wood might be nice in the kitchen.  Bobby didn't think so though.  He told me to paint the door frame white and I told him to sleep on it for a while :-)
Having to take off the plastic on the glass was a pain in the you-know-where!
I did put a layer of polyurethane to prevent finger print/marks on the door, as suggested by the installer.
Well, so far so good with the boys and the new glass door.  I was concerned about them banging on it.  Graham, as usual says he likes it :-)  I think I'll listen to him instead of Bobby. Ha ha!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Charlie is 20 months old

Looks like this posting will need to cover both the 19th month and 20th month.  I thought I had already posted Charlie's 19 month progress, but nope!

Well, where should I start?  Right of the bat I can tell you that Charlie is definitely talking more now. Although most of the time, he sort of screams out orders like "bau bau!" which means "hold me" in Chinese and then, I get this look from him:
And Charlie will also bark out orders like "milk! milk!" or "book! book!" or "digger!".  And then, I'll ask him to say please and he'll have the softest, cutest "please" ever.  There's also the usual "uh uh" for no and "uh huh" for yes.
Although, now he is starting to actually say "yes" a lot more and some of the other recognizable words that he can say are momma, daddy, waffle, cookie, and "yuck" for truck.
Charlie continues to copy what his big brother does, like apple sauce time:
I love how Charlie even wanted to be on the same stool!  Then, there's pretend cooking time in their apron:
And sharing Mommy's wheel-barrel time in the backyard:
Charlie is quite the little boy now!
Hopefully there won't be too many "bau bau" times as he is starting to get quite heavy!

And oh, I forgot one more: "Yogurt! Yogurt!"... please....