Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pregnancy #2 update - Week 21

We had a visit to the doctor's office this past Wednesday and also got a chance to see "peanut #2" during the ultrasound. And yes, it's definitely a boy! We weren't able to see the profile of the baby, so it will just be another excuse in a couple of months to have another appointment with the ultrasound technician :-)

The baby's weight is right at average now, which is good. I hope he doesn't become another 9lb baby! I did weigh myself the other day and I'm almost 10lbs heavier at this same time than I was with Graham. And here's why- here's the baby bump today at 21 weeks:
And here's my belly back in Jan 2010 at 22 weeks with Graham!
Look how much bigger I am! No wonder my belly button popped out to an "outie" so much sooner and no wonder I'm already huffing and puffing when I go up the stairs! The doctor did mention that my heart is pumping 40% harder than it normally is. Wow!

And speaking of "wow", my poor husband ended up sleeping on the couch early this morning! This is the first time EVER in our five years of marriage. He said that there was an "angry badger" in bed. I guess I was snoring up a storm last night! Poor fella! I'm guessing it's my allergies - hopefully it won't last too long!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Graham is 22 months old

What impressed me most this month about Graham was his ability to "read". I say "read" because obviously he can't read yet, but he has memorized enough of the pictures in the book that he knows the phrases that go with it! Check it out:

And Graham continues to love playing with trains and trucks. Such a boy!
And he loves wearing his fireman hat, which he got from school/daycare:
But most of all, he just enjoys being cheeky!
You think he's trying to tell me something???
Let's see... what else is new? Oh, we did start learning how to cut paper with scissors. Hopefully that's all he will cut for now!
And speaking of cut, Graham started to cut his second molar. I noticed it when I was sitting with him in the backseat on the drive back to Tulsa from Phoenix. Graham had this big yawn and I notice the new tooth on his lower left side of the mouth! No wonder he's been crying at night. Although, he also had really bad allergies when we were in Phoenix. He was really having a tough time breathing/sleeping at night. He seems to be doing better now in Tulsa and has been taking kids' allergy medication everyday. Poor fella!

I hope he grows out of his allergies since he loves playing outdoors. Here is Graham rolling his (plastic) golf bag back into the garage and parking it:
Too cute!

Monday, March 26, 2012

More happy times in Phoenix

Once my sister and her family had left Phoenix, we were off to our own little adventures again. This time, the LPGA was in town so we decided to head north to watch them play. It was Graham's first time on a school bus. He was so excited! But we still couldn't convince him to keep his hat on.
And once we got there, it didn't take him long to get comfortable in the dirt.
Boys will be boys, I guess!
We didn't stay for very long (or watch a lot of golf!) since Graham was quite busy running around. He shouted "Oh no!" just as one of the golfers were getting ready to hit and he also wanted to rake the bunkers. We figured that was our cue to go home.

The weather was quite bizarre the day after that. The temperature dropped and it actually hailed!
What is this weather coming too!?!
So on the cold/rainy days, we watched a lot of cartoons:
And Graham helped Mommy vacuum, especially at those difficult to reach places:
And we read:
Once the sun was out again, we hit the park to feed some ducks. It was Graham's first time and he really enjoyed it!
I'm just glad he didn't fall into the water!
And of course, another haircut before leaving Phoenix. He still doesn't like it, even while sitting daddy's lap!
I think he did attract a babe or two after that at the play area in the mall :-)
Ahhh... our little boy is growing up so quickly! And getting cheekier by the second!

Sis & family's visit to Phoenix

We were back in Phoenix earlier this month. We ended up driving there again since daddy took too long to purchase the air tickets and it was going to cost us about $700 a piece! Anyhow, it was better that way because we had left the other bar stool here in Tulsa. And so it was one of the first things to go into the car before forgetting it again.

My sister and her family decided to join us in Phoenix this time for about 4 days. It was great to see everyone again! Graham really enjoyed playing with Michael (4) and Caden (1). The new bubble machine was a big hit in the backyard!
And Graham loved hanging out with his cousins in the double stroller!
Play time at the park was great too. Monkey see monkey do!
And while Daddy and Scott enjoyed their "vegetables" in the fridge...
... the little boys enjoyed sitting in their kid-sized IKEA table and chairs during mealtime in the kitchen with us:
And it was definitely more fun having a crowd to watch cartoons with:
I'm just glad that the guestroom worked out with so many people! When we arrived on Sunday evening, it was trip to IKEA right away to pick up a daybed. And of course, it was assembly day the next morning. As usual, Graham was Mommy's great little helper:
He loves playing with that drill!
Ta da!
And we managed to fit a queen-sized air mattress in the tiny room as well:
And Caden ended up sleeping in Graham crib, so everyone was taken care of (while Graham slept in his travel crib in our bedroom). Phew! I'm just glad there won't be any more IKEA projects for a while.

Monday, March 5, 2012

"80% boy"

We had another doctor's appointment last week and we were all trying to take a peek between the baby's legs during the ultrasound. The doc only had his little handheld device so it was a little bit difficult to see, but the doctor did get quite a good view from what he said "the photocopy/machine angle" and it looks like it's going to be a boy! We'll have further confirmation at the end of the month when we visit the ultrasound technician, but for now, looks like we need to think of a new baby boy's name!

And in the meantime, Graham has found a new use for Mommy's belly:
A ramp for his toy trucks!
Graham continues to love to paint:
And play too, of course - with his new alphabet train:
And as if, Graham doesn't have enough toys, we just keep buying more! This little cooking set was for sale at 80% off! So it was definitely difficult to pass up on. And Graham loves to cook!
Despite all the play, we continue to try and learn new things. Right now, we've been focusing on counting. Looks like we still have quite a ways to go!