Thursday, April 29, 2010

Boxes finally arrived!

After a 2+ month journey by sea, the boxes from Malaysia finally arrived! Thanks to my aunt who repacked my two (oversize and overweight!) original boxes into 4 more manageable boxes. During our most recent trip home/back to Kota Kinabalu, we decided to pack up my golf trophies (during my Junior golf days) and old photo albums, as well as some local coffee, tea bags, Milo (a chocolate drink) and Nestum (a cereal drink). I'm so glad the boxes were not lost at sea! I've been craving for Milo and Nestum ever since we left Malaysia! The Milo that is sold at Wal-mart is produced in Mexico... and it just doesn't taste the same!
But most of all, I'm glad the photo albums were not damaged either. Check out these pics - this first one is of my mom, sis, and me (to the right) - taken in 1978. I was only 2 years old! And the next photo is of me, posing in my kindergarten uniform. I was probably 6 years old at the time. Haha... priceless!!!

Out of order!!!

What was suppose to be a quick and easy fix turned out to be a lot more complicated that I had expected!!! The toilet was leaking just enough to cause a formation of stained hard water under the piping. So feeling confident that it was going to be easy fix, I finally decided to get to it yesterday. And as you can see... I had to post the "Out of Order" sign so Bobby wouldn't use the toilet when he got home yesterday!
When I thought I was done fixing the leak, the water coming back into the toilet tank would not stop! And then, of course, the leak was a lot worse than what I had started with! So who knows what I've done!!! I definitely see a trip to Lowe's in the near future... yeah... like today!!!!
Meanwhile, the mulching around the back deck is all done! I've planted the sunflower plants into the ground. We'll see what happens! Just reading an article here about giant sunflowers and it says that... "Deer and rabbits will chew on small plants, especially the growing tip. Provide protection against these pests." Grrr...!!! Looks like I'll have to fence it up before it's too late! It has been really windy lately too, so hopefully they won't fall over! Planting rose bushes probably would have been so much easier! :-)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Doctor's visit - 36 weeks (& 4 days)

Doctor's visit went well today. We had an ultrasound and little Graham is getting big! He is currently estimated at 7 lbs 3 oz - in the 80th percentile! His head is measuring at 9.45cm. The doctor is confident that I will still be able to have a vaginal birth. Although, just to be sure, if little Graham is not out within the next couple of weeks, we will schedule another ultrasound to check his stats again.
The ultrasound technician said that little Graham is definitely starting to run out of room in my belly - which I can definitely feel! He is squirming around so much and he loves to prop his foot against my belly! He is already facing down, which is a really good sign for childbirth. We were able to see his hair and caught a couple of glimpses of him moving his mouth and sticking his tongue out!
I still can't figure out what's what in these ultrasound pics, but according to the technician... that's his hair! A lot of it!

Backyard progress

This past weekend, with Bobby's help of heavy lifting (of course), we were able to add some new borders and mulch part of the backyard by the deck. The weeds were driving me crazy! So I finally decided that it was time to do something about it and this time, I decided to use weed fabric. I knew I should have used weed fabric in the front yard when I mulched last year. Oh well... guess I'm paying for it now!
By the way, that's my blueberry plant enclosed in the fence. It's making a comeback after being frozen during our last winter storm that happened on the first day of Spring!

Here's my next project in the backyard...
I should probably get to it before the next rainstorm because it will only get worse!
In the meantime, my mini vegetable garden is taking a really long time to grow. Hopefully things will progress quicker once the weather is consistently warmer. The sunflowers are doing quite well though. I will probably put those in the ground by the deck this week. They are suppose to grow up to 9-12 feet tall!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pregnancy update - 35 weeks!

It's almost the home stretch! My belly continues to grow as baby Graham continues to squirm in my belly. He's particularly busy at night when I'm trying to sleep - which has lead to some sleepless nights of acid reflux! My feet are noticeably more swollen this week from water retention. Ahh... the joys of pregnancy! But you forget all that when you start feeling his little limbs - moving about and trying to poke out of my belly. I've rub my belly so much that my shirts are starting to get so worn out with fuzz just around the belly area!
The doctor's visit this past Thursday went well. We tested for Group B Strep and also had our first cervical check. Doc said that baby is sitting low which is a good sign for birthing. I hope he is right! We also went to a childbirth class over the weekend. Thankfully Bobby survived sitting through the video session. And I didn't realize that the entire labor process could take so long! The only memorable visual was what they called "the ring of fire". That's when you start to see the baby's head during vaginal birth. OUCH!!!

On a less painful/happier note... after weeks (or has it been months?) of procrastination, I did finally finish painting the 1/2 bath downstairs. Yay! Although, I think I still need to work on my sanding techniques. Maybe we'll touch things up after baby Graham is born (famous last words???). I did change out the light fixture and towel holder. I still need to change out the faucet, which I've never done before. So we'll see how that goes!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First trip to Tulsa Drillers' baseball game!

The Tulsa Drillers' recently just had their opening day in their new stadium - the OneOK stadium. Out of the blue, Bobby asked if I wanted to watch a game last night and since it was a really nice evening, I figured - why not. The stadium isn't very big so there are good spots all around. The lawn seats were only $2 on Tuesday nights (and $2 hotdogs too!), but we decided to sit behind the Drillers' dug-out, just in case we weren't paying attention. It won't be very good being knocked out by a foul ball at 35 weeks!
Before leaving, we decided to pick up a few souvenirs from the store - one of them being a little onesie outfit for little Graham. Hopefully we'll get a chance to go out to the ballpark again before the end of the baseball season. Maybe this time, we'll sit on the lawn. No one will care if he (wait... Bobby or little Graham???) is screaming like a mad person! :-)
Little Graham also received more items from family this past week - including a pretty blue blanket from Aunt Helen. Guess that would be Great-aunt Helen to Graham!
Aunt Helen is definitely one step above it all when she has her own label! I wonder if I will ever be that good in knitting!