Friday, June 29, 2012

"I miss you too, Mommy"

After picking up Graham from daycare this past Tuesday, we went home and proceeded to watch one of his favorite shows on TV.  When I was sitting on the couch, I told Graham to come over and give me a hug and a kiss.  And I said "I missed you today"... and he said "I miss you too, Mommy".  My heart just melted! I wonder though if he really knows what it means but then again, how can you just not love a cheeky boy like this one!  Here he is saying "Cheese!"
And that finger... Graham loves to point!
Here are a list of other sentences Graham has been saying lately:
- I don't want to go to school!
- It's going to be bad! (When he doesn't want to do something)
- Mommy, come back! Open door, please!!  (When we close the door behind us during naptime/bedtime)
- I had a good time at the big pool today.
- It was fun!

Graham continues to surprise us with what he has to say each day!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Graham's new closet organizer

I finally transferred all of Graham's clothes into his bedroom closet.  I was going to buy some cube shelving - similar to his book shelf but they didn't have one in white. So... I opted for a different shelving system:
It's actually a toy organizer but it seems to work quite well for his clothes!
And Mommy even labeled his clothes:
So nice and neat!  But then I knew it wouldn't last long.  When we left the closet door open, Graham grabbed a bin and started "rearranging" his clothes:
Now that Graham's clothes are taken care of, I'll have to start putting together all the hand-me-downs for baby #2 in the nursery. Poor fella is going to have a lot of used clothes! Reminds me of myself with all of my sister's hand-me-downs... even till this very day!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Mom's 5th Anniversary

Can't imagine it has been 5 years now since my Mom's passing.  It does make me sad at times when I think that Graham never had a chance to meet/know his other Grandmother. But with that said, I'm so thankful that my mom-in-law is a wonderful Grandmother to Graham!

I actually forgot that this past Tuesday (the 19th) was my mom's anniversary. It's crazy how when you have a kid, you just seem to forget so many things! I can't imagine how much worse it's going to get once baby #2 arrives. Well, I guess I could. I do feel like my mom sometimes - being so absent-minded! Ha ha!

I did buy some flowers for my mom before the end of the day and lit a candle for her.
I was browsing through some pics from her funeral and wow, I've forgotten how many wreaths of flowers she received! It's so nice to know that she was dearly remembered.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Recent activities

We decided to head out to the pool at the club last weekend.  I can't believe the pool only opens at 11am!  So I had to chase Graham around the club house for about 15 minutes and then eventually just contain him in the Ladies Locker Room for the last next 15 minutes before we could get into the pool!

He was a little hesitant to get into the water...
We sent Mr. Turtle in first to check the temperature of the water:
Yay! Into the water and he even has his hat on - but that didn't last very long.
We were in and out of the kiddie pool and the big pool and would sit on the lounge chairs occasionally to dry off.
Meanwhile, back at home - Graham would at random times just sit and play the piano. He would even attempt to sing "Do, Re, Mi" while playing. Too cute!
And his drawing skills seem to have improved. I really wonder what he's drawing!
And finally, we bought a new tablet for the house. It keeps Graham occupied as well as there are lots of free kids Apps for him to play with.
There are even storybooks and of course, he still loves his trucks!
This tablet will definitely come in handy on our next road trip, whenever that might be! (As if the DVD player in the minivan wasn't enough!) It's amazing what kids have/can play with these days. Gone are the days of rotary phones, typewriters, and floppy discs!

Happy Father's Day

We didn't really do too much this Father's Day.  And looking back at the blog, we didn't do much last year either!  The US Open (golf) is always on during this weekend, so we watched most of that at night.  During the day, Daddy got to play golf with some of his buddies and actually played 27 holes!  Graham and I were waiting for Daddy to come home after just 18 holes so Mommy was not very happy when Daddy didn't show up when he was suppose to!
So Graham and I decided to tuck into the blueberry pie that Mommy had baked for Daddy. YUM! It sure made Mommy feel a little bit better :-)
And eventually, when Daddy did get home, we gave him a nice card and a kiss!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy birthday, Mommy!

Ahhh... another birthday... another year closer to 40! YIKES!!!  Daddy and Graham got Mommy some very cute gifts :-)
Who knew they made Hello Kitty soap!  And Elmo flip-flops to match Graham's Elmo shoes when we go to the pool.

And ok... I guess there was one more gift yesterday.  I still think it was just a coincidence, but we decided to trade in Daddy's car/lease for a new minivan!  And when we were leaving the dealership, Graham said he wanted to go with Mommy but when he saw the minivan, he wanted to get in the minivan instead with Daddy!  So I had to move the carseat then and there.
So here it is... a Volkswagen Routon:
And it had less than 1,800 miles when we drove it home!  
One of the many fancy features of the car includes the auto-start. I can start the car automatically without putting the key into the ignition. It's going to work great this summer as I can get the car cooled off a little even before getting to it!

When we were driving home together, it was funny to actually see my birthdate on the temporary license plate :-)
Bobby said that I'm changing his lifestyle with a minivan and a station-wagon, but I told him that it's Graham and baby #2 that's changing BOTH our lifestyles!

What's been happening lately

Since the weather has been so hot lately, we've been going to a couple of different splash pads.  The first one that we went to last week had a few tractors on the other side of the playground.  Graham was so excited to see the working tractors!
After a while, he finally decided to take on the splash pad:
Graham looks so tiny!
We went to visit another splash pad today and his first question was "Where the tractor?"  And actually, Graham didn't even get wet today.  He didn't want to even get near the water and opted for the playground instead.  Perhaps that one bucket of water that was dunked on his head from above didn't leave a positive experience the first time!

And perhaps the sand/water-play table in our backyard (or more like sand and more sand!) is more exciting for Graham - especially with the occasional visits from Mr. Turtle!
And Graham is such a great little helper.  Daddy's golf clubs got a little damp during his last travel assignment and once it was dry, Graham was putting it back into the golf bag:
Almost done...
All done! :-)
And we finally have some ripe cherry tomatoes in our garden!
What a helper!
It's too bad no one else but Mommy loves tomatoes!  How many can you actually eat in a day???

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pregnancy #2 Update - 31 weeks

Here I am at 31 weeks... 
I actually lost 2 lbs!  After the last doctor's visit about 3 weeks ago, I was told that I had failed the 1-hour glucose test.  So, instead of taking the 3-hour glucose test, I was advised to see a nutritionist.  Bobby came along for the support and we were both in shock when it came to portion control!  1 serving of carbohydrate is not a lot!... especially with the amount of pasta and rice I've been eating!

So anyhow, we just had another doctor's appointment this past Friday.  And the doc saw my test results for the past 3 weeks of finger-pricking/glucose testing and I couldn't be happier to hear him say "This shows me you are NOT diabetic".  Yippeee!!! I know that needle is really little but after a while, it actually does start to hurt, especially when you have to do it 4x a day!  I celebrated by having a (small) bowl of ice-cream that night :-)

By the way, in case you're wondering what baby #2 looks like, here is his (yes, still a boy!) profile:
I think he's got that same blunt nose as Mommy! :-)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A fun weekend

We started the weekend by going to the Asian-American Festival which was held at the one of Tulsa's regional libraries.  We got there just in time to see the lion dance.  Graham was not so thrilled and didn't want to get too close to it:
Daddy took a while to park the car (there were so many people!) but once he arrived, Graham was happy to just see the lion dance from afar with daddy:
There were a few booths inside the library from different countries (none from Malaysia though!).  And while Mommy chatted with a representative from a Chinese school in Tulsa, Graham took the opportunity to get a kid's tattoo!
On Sunday, despite the heat - we met up with Daddy on the golf course.  Graham and I rode the cart, of course.  Here's Graham and Daddy trying to figure out how to play the 6th hole:
Graham gets so excited when he sees the bunkers on the golf course.  When I stop the cart on the fairway to hit my shot, he would say "Wen-wen go rake the bunker. Be right back!" and he would dash off in front of us.
He would actually hit his plastic ball into the bunker and then rake from there.  There are so many tiny shoe prints to clean up once he is done!
Back at home, on Monday afternoon - since the weather has been so hot, I decided to bring out one of his little pools.  Wow... the pool is really tiny!
Graham obviously loves playing with the hose.  And then, I recalled we had a little elephant sprinkler from his other little blow-up pool from last summer:
He really does enjoy the water!
By the way, the storm on Sunday night bent our umbrella!  We really need to remember to close it up before we go to bed at night!

Monday, June 4, 2012

New saferoom!

We finally had a safe room/tornado shelter installed under the stairwell in the house last Friday.  The guys arrived early and it started off with the easy pieces...
But then I realized that the baseboards and part of the door frame really didn't need to be removed!  So once they helped me put that back, they were back on schedule.
Here are the bolts:
And yes, a Hilti drill!
Halfway through!  And somehow, Graham was still able to fall sleep/take his nap during all the drilling and vacuuming!
All done!  Maybe it can be Graham's new time-out room :-)
We'll need a bench or a couple of chairs for the deeper end of the shelter since the ceiling slants downwards.
It's suppose to fit 4 adults comfortable, but I seriously hope we don't ever have to use it!