Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More, please!

We've been trying to teach Graham how to say "more" in sign-language and he finally figured it out!

And oh, he's new word now is "fish"... or more like "ish" :-)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Another summer haircut

While Graham was taking his bath yesterday, we decided to trim his hair. I tried to keep him occupied while I tied up his hair:
Then,... snip, snip, snip! He did not like it one bit! At least I didn't cut myself again with those safety scissors!
As usual, I did not do a very good job trimming so Graham continued to fuss in the tub when I tried to even up his new hair do. I did save his little ponytail but I may have lost a few strands of hair while trying to tighten up the hair-tie. I knew I should have left it alone!
Well, it doesn't look that bad, does it?
Just no close-up pics, please!

Tulsa Zoo Member!

We are now members of the Tulsa Zoo! Who would have thought that I would have one of those "zoo member" stickers/decals on my car window. Yup,... we definitely have a kid now!

Since the weather was already starting to warm up (at 9:30am!), we decided to see all the larger animals first in their outdoors enclosures.

Like the elephant:
Giant tortoises!
Giraffes - here's one of the two new baby giraffes:
And of course, the rhinos:
Graham looks so cute in Mommy's hat!

We took a little break by the play area nearby the rhinos. Graham really liked the slide...

and the see-saw:

After the zoo, we decided to cool off at the nearby water park. Graham LOVED it!
He was definitely soaked through!
We didn't bring a towel but the weather was getting so hot that by the time we were done, it didn't take all that long to dry out!
Did you notice those matching summer family shorts yet? ;-)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Graham at 13 months

Graham is growing up so quickly and doing new things all the time. He has learned to say "Uh oh" but he would do it mostly when he throws something off his high chair or from his changing table! He has also learned to stick his tongue out. Too cute!

He has also learned to say "mmmmm" when he sees something he likes to eat, especially his Gerber fruit after his meals. And I just taught him to "hop" like a kangaroo after seeing a kangaroo in his alphabet book.

Graham continues to love the water/pool. The last floatie purchase at the neighborhood garage sale worked the best and it was only $1!

Here again are his new pair of summer shorts. I love the print on these :-)

Can't wait to show them off at his new daycare! Yes, Graham is at a new place now. He suffers from terrible separation anxiety from his Mommy (more so than stranger anxiety!) but hopefully a few more weeks and he will be better.
On the first day of daycare this past Tuesday, Graham wore a shirt with puppies on it. All the kids just kept coming up to him and poking him because they all liked the puppies on his shirt! I'm guessing they will be doing the same if I send him to school with these pair of shorts! Speaking of which, I really feel like a mom now - sending Graham and picking him up from "school" :-)

Graham still hasn't started walking yet, although earlier this week he was able to take some good steps while only holding one of my hands (as he was busy with a toy in his other hand). Maybe there will be an exciting update next month! :-)

Happy Father's Day!

Last Sunday, we celebrated Bobby's second Father's Day. We really didn't do too much. The US Open was on so we watched golf on TV pretty much all day long. Once that was over, Daddy cooked some steaks on the grill and we had a nice dinner at home which included tomatoes and salad from the garden.

Graham and I got Daddy a notebook with a nice pic of him and Graham on the cover. I tried to sew Bobby's new summer family shorts, but that didn't work out so well. Somehow the crotch area just doesn't fit right! I need to check my measurements because this seems to happen all the time. I did end up making alterations and making my own shorts :-)

Graham did get his summer family shorts:

Looks like it might be a little tight around the crotch area too! I'll get it right eventually with enough practice :-)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fresh tomatoes!

Our first batch of tomatoes!And boy, these "big boy" tomatoes were sweet and tasty! The cherry tomato plant is doing really well right now. There's a few grape tomatoes coming up and nothing yet from the hybrid tomato plant.

The garden is getting really overcrowded though! The tomato plants are getting bigger and wider than I had expected. And the long beans are getting so much taller as well. I hope those bamboo stalks will hold the plants up! I can't wait though to eat fresh green beans!
Looks like the deer has been gnawing on some of my tomato leaves. So I had to extend the fence out a little bit more. The marigold flowers are really flourishing - I hope they keep those deer away!

Here are some other pictures taken in the garden that morning:

And of course, some pictures taken from inside of the house:
Yes, Graham has figured out how to open the kitchen cabinets, so I had to dedicate one of them just for him!"What are YOU looking at!?"

Hair update - 2 years later

It was 2 years yesterday since I had my hair buzzed in memory of my Mom. Can't believe I haven't had a single hair cut in 2 years!!! It's amazing how the hair just naturally layers itself as it grows longer.I'm glad my bangs are more manageable now. I had some crazy hair days throughout this journey. I think I'll leave those pictures out :-)

My next hair buzz will be held in conjunction with another LPGA Futures Tour event. This year, it will be at the Pennsylvania Classic in Harrisburg, PA at the Felicita Golf Resort and Spa. The charity of the golf tournament is the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer - which will be a perfect fit for the hair donation event (which will again benefit the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign). So, mark the date... AUGUST 2!!! And do let me know if anyone would like to donate their hair for a great cause!

By the way, the youtube video of my first hair buzz has now been viewed 13,853 times!
Here it is again if you missed it the first time:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Graham's first official haircut

Graham's hair was getting quite long so while Daddy was at work, I decided to give him a quick haircut.
I told you his hair was long!

Here's the after (it really wasn't that quick though)!
I couldn't cut his hair by his ears because he was getting quite annoyed and did not like clippings of hair falling on his face. And somehow, I managed to cut my hand with safety scissors! We'll have to try and trim his hair again sometime later. Looks like we're working towards a mullet here! Ha ha!

Happy Birthday to ME!

I had a great birthday weekend with my two favorite boys! We had a great birthday lunch on Sunday and after Graham's nap and dinner, we headed out to the golf course.
Graham was quite preoccupied with his new sippy cup. He just learned how to drink out of a straw!

We walked the course a little...
Then we strolled along the fairways...
I think Graham had a great day!
How can you not love him...!

Thank you Daddy and Graham for my new bracelet-watch. I love it! Of course, I got to pick it out myself :-) Ever since I saw it in the gift store a few weeks ago (during Grandma and Pop-pop's visit), I haven't stopped talking about it!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Swim time!

Our neighbor invited us to get into their pool last week. The temperature of the water was superb! It was Graham's first time in the big pool. He was a bit upset when I walked away to get the camera:
We put on a foam pad swim-trainer on him but I think it was a little bit too big. The front pad would come straight up to his chin. He seemed quite insecure in the water and would not let go of me and kept tugging on my tankini strap!
Part 2 of swim-time... we got him a different floatie:
And I think he enjoyed this a lot better. This floatie was still a bit tipsy though that it required a little bit of balancing on the front. So if he did tilt forward, he would accidentally dunk his head into the water and take a big gulp! Choke, choke, choke! Poor fella!
The floatie was nice in a way that it had this big shade and I was able to take shade as well in the heat :-)

I just bought another new floatie during our neighborhood garage sale yesterday. It would be pretty funny if this $1 purchase works the best!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Graham's new height chart

Ta da!!!

It's finally done! I was going to have 2 pieces of wood along the border, but I think one will do just fine (as the other one did not want to stick on the wall with double-sided tape!). Hmm... maybe I do need to just paint the border then on the other side. Does that mean it's still only 95% done??!

Anyway... here's the height chart in the personalized party magazine where this whole idea came about:
So I saved myself $24.99 + shipping! :-)

Graham's first height measured on his birthday (May 22) was 28 1/2".
The doctor's office did measure him at 29"... but we'll just stick with what Daddy and I measured him at. Looks like I'm going to need a brighter/lighter pen to mark the height! I did sort of think about that when I was painting the border brown. Oh well! I'm so proud of myself though for being able to just use all my sample paint!

I am bummed that we're not using the other piece of wood because it took me forever to saw it (with my $1 little hand-saw from the Dollar Store)!
We do have a circular saw but the battery was really low and it did not work very well. So, a project that would have taken just 5 minutes probably took me 45 minutes! I wish Daddy would just buy me a nice workbench too!

Graham is definitely getting taller. He is tall enough now to play the piano while standing. Perhaps he will one day play Moonlight Sonata for Daddy!

Our first salad!

Bobby and I picked our first salad last weekend. It was nice and fresh!
There are more tomatoes coming up as well. Hopefully a few more weeks and we can have some fresh tomatoes! The tomato plants are starting to get quite crowded though. I should have planted them with more space between them! Only a few basil plants have sprouted and we only one corn plant out of the two seeds I planted. Guess I'll have to replant more of those.

I have also put up another birdhouse in the backyard. Well, I did have this one up before but the glued-on roof (yes, one of our old NJ license plate) did not stand a chance in the Oklahoma wind! So this time I decided to use screws and I also caulked around the edges so the birds won't have a leaky roof! And also a fresh new coat of paint - I had some leftover paint from Graham's height chart project. I hope the birds like blue :-)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Graham's new words

Since his first word "woof", I believe Graham's second word is banana or more like "aNaNa". He is able to associate it to the bananas when we are at the grocery store and also when he sees it in his book!

And Graham is also saying "Da da" a lot more these days and of course "Ma ma" when he's crying or tired. Ha!

Graham continues to be such a goof around the house. Here he is playing in the laundry room. Notice all those little hand-prints on the other side of the dryer's window!
And learning to put his hat on:
Gosh, his hair is getting so long!
One of the few times Graham will actually leave his hat on is when we are out and about at the golf club:
Speaking of golf, a friend of ours just qualified for the Canadian Men's Tour! And she's the first woman to do so in the history of golf! Isabelle - we are so excited and proud of you! Congratulations!

And oh! I'm done with Graham's height chart! Hmm... 95% done. I just need to cut up some trim for the borders on each side of the chart. I think it looks pretty good! :-)