Monday, September 29, 2008

Home update

Doesn't feel as if I've accomplished very much this week. The garden is doing well so far although not very organized. I'd like to get a border around it and start teaching the cucumber plants to start climbing a fence! And oh, the first hibiscus (bunga raya) is starting to bloom. Looks like... pink?
Futures Tour qualifying school is coming up early November. I should start getting motivated to practice again. The weather has been really nice lately.

Thumb report - Week 14

Can't believe this is only the first full week that I've lost my thumb nail. Since the thumb is no longer protected by the fallen nail, it actually hurts a little bit more than it did before. And you forget how much you actually use your nail until you actually lose it! I was trying to pinch a few things off this week while sewing and obviously, I could not get a grip of it because I don't have the nail on my thumb! And progress on the new nail is reaaaaally sloooooooooow....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New sewing machine

Watch out, world!!! She's armed... hehe... Can you believe it, these sewing machines come with instructional DVDs too! I guess I better start there. The machine says "simple" on it. Hopefully that's true!
I bought an antique sewing table too :-)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New bird house

I bought a plain birdhouse recently and decided to add my own personal touches to it. Unfortunately, the only tree available was the one in our frontyard. Almost feels like I need to buy some fake leaves! Maybe we'll get some birdies from New Jersey :-)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thumb report - Week 13

It's OFF! Yes... the nail came off! Well, it was on the 6th hole today when I accidently snagged on it and thankfully, it really didn't hurt at all! Now, my thumb just looks really ugly. The new nail is barely halfway out. And against Bob's will... I'm going to post my last nail picture :-P

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hungry Praying Mantis

Bob attended a Supply Chain seminar yesterday in Fayetteville, AR - a quick 2-hour drive from Tulsa. We decided to go to a Japanese restaurant for Happy Hour. There was a praying mantis on the corner of our table where we were seated. He seemed harmless at first until, with lightning speed... he grabbed a fly that was on our table and started munching on it!!!
Thankfully our food had not arrived yet and when it did, Bob knocked the praying mantis over the table with the menu. By then, the fly was history. YUCK!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thumb report - Week 12

3 months!!!... and I've snagged on the nail enough now (with the help of Bob, of course) that the left side of it has actually come off from the nail bed! The right side is still somewhat attached. I tried to clean the underneath of the old nail and it is rather sensitive on the nail bed. So, looks like I won't be trying to pull the old nail off anytime soon! There's also a weird sensation when I put pressure on the tip of the nail.
I decided to put the nail on video instead since it is really nasty now. Viewer discretion is advised. :-)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Looks like we moved in time before Ike came into town! Houston is being hit right now with a lot of rain and strong wind. Just talked to a couple of friends that decided to stay at home rather than evacuate. The power has been out since about midnight... trees have fallen, the golf course is underwater and I-10 is flooded!
We are expecting Ike to come up towards Tulsa early next week. Hopefully my garden won't drown!

Home update

Just a quick update on the house. The garden is coming around slowly but surely. Been busy pulling out grass in the back lawn so I can plant some new veggies. Right now, the tomato plant is doing really well. I've added some strawberries, some cantaloupe (I saved the seeds from a sweet cantaloupe that I ate!), and also planted some cucumber, brocolli, and basil from seeds in some pots. Hopefully winter won't come so soon!
In the living area, I've been busy decorating! I made "Pridgen" out of wire and Bob carved out the heart at work during his training a couple of weeks ago... of course, I had to spray-painted it red :-)

Dad went to visit sis up in MN in August. I thought this was the cutest picture. Nothing like grandpa and grandson bonding over a bottle of beer! Hehe...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thumb report - Week 11

I've had to trim more of my thumb nail from the bottom up this week. I snagged it a couple of times while playing golf on sunday... OUCH! The new nail is growing out nicely. About half of my old nail is almost gone. At this rate, it probably looks like it will be another 12 weeks before the old nail finally drops off! That's 3 MONTHS! CRAZY! Hopefully sooner though... the nasty level has gone up a few notches. :-s

The Last Cut

After a long drought of missed cuts... I finally made the last one! Yay! I really needed to do well so I could jump a few ranks up in the money list. Still not quite sure yet if I need to go back to the FUTURES Tour qualifying school. I will need to double check on this. Hopefully NOT!

The off-season has sort of started for me as of today. There is an event in Georgia in October, but it's by invitation only - Top 70 players on the money list (I'm at #96). If enough of them will drop out, I'll be able to get in. It's a 3-day event, no cut, and everyone gets paid! That will be sweet for some christmas shopping money :-)

Nonetheless, it will still be a busy off-season. Of course, time to work on my garden, finish unpacking the house, working on some new equipment perhaps, getting back in shape, and then the misc. - eye exam, dental, health, etc. Fun, fun, fun! And oh, can't forget to put in my application for my greencard (PR). My visa expires next year! That should be my first priority!

Thanks to everyone this year for their support!!! I really appreciate it! Cheers!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Thumb report - Week 10

Can't seem to take a good picture of my thumb. Bob is probably appreciative that the picture is a little bit blurry. There's been several times this week when I was so close to pulling my nail off by accident! So I've trimmed it where its closest to the cuticle and now, you can really see the new nail growing in. I wonder how much longer I have to wait before it finally comes off...

New garden

Probably not a good thing to work in the garden before playing golf. I was hooking the ball so badly that Bob said that I could catch a whale with it!
Anyway, I had to dig a hole yesterday in the backyard to plant my tomato plant... only to find out that the ground is full of rocks! It probably took about 45 minutes just to plant the tomato plant! So looks like the strawberries will have to wait. I'll be leaving for Albany tomorrow for a week. Hopefully the strawberries will still be alive in their pots when I get home. I did buy a new hose and sprinkler so all Bob has to do is turn the water on. Simple enough, right...? Hopefully so! He has been spending a lot of time on the X-Box playing Grand Auto Theft!!!
I also did plant the sunflower seeds in front of our bedroom windows. We'll see too, if they will grow...

By the way, here's a pic of our frontyard - with the "free" rocks from the empty lot next door :-)