Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Hmmm... what should I have from the pantry?"

Now that Graham has learned to open up the pantry door, he has also learned that he can get a better view of what's in the pantry by standing on the stool!
And after his cousin's visit recently, Graham has also discovered that you can get water from the fridge:

Pregnancy #2 Update - 38 weeks

Well... baby is still not here yet but my belly is surely getting bigger!
We were quite shocked to hear from the doctor over a week ago that I'm now actually 4cm dilated!  The doc seems to think that the baby is going to be out this Wednesday. We'll see if he's right!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lau-Ye/Grandpa's visit

My dad has been in town for almost a week now.  He flew into Minneapolis (from Malaysia) where he spent  about 10 days there and last Wednesday, my sister and her 4-year old son Michael accompanied him to Tulsa.  Graham has been having a really great time playing with Michael!
We've also been busy picking tomatoes in the garden:
No, Graham was not eating a tomato since he does not like them.  So I'm not exactly sure why he has his hand to his mouth!  He does love saying cheese with his eyes closed though.
See what I mean?!  And when we asked him to open his eyes... he opened his mouth! Too funny!
I really wasn't sure what to cook for my dad while he was here, but after a trip to the Asian market, he was quite happy with his pork feet and tendon soup and a glass Guinness :-)
Bobby enjoyed the "aroma" in the kitchen as well... ;-)
... while I enjoyed a couple sips of Guinness.
I actually needed the Guinness to make Shepard's pie last night and my dad was available to drink the rest of the can up.  Guinness is high in Vitamin B anyhow... good for baby, right??? ;-)

All in all, despite the heat, everyone had a great time.  I think my dad really enjoyed spending time with his 2 grandsons.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Graham, our musician?

Graham has been "playing" the piano quite a bit these days. Well,... a lot more than I have!  And a couple of days ago, he was actually singing while playing!  You may need to turn up the volume on the video a bit, but he was singing "ba ba black sheep" and of course, being proud parent - Bobby and I were cheering on our little boy! :-)
By the way, Graham has successfully used the big potty a couple of times now.  Yay! :-)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mischievous Graham

I was downstairs doing my own thing and Graham was really quiet upstairs.  So I decided to sneak up into his room to check out what he was doing. And there he was... stacking up Daddy's tubes of golf balls!
Somehow, he had managed to drag (or hopefully roll) Daddy's suitcase into his bedroom and he had unpacked everything out of the bag!
For whatever reason, he just loves to stack things:
A few days ago, it was tupperwares and this morning, it was this by the bedside table:
So mischievous! Maybe it has something to do with his new haircut!
Graham is also keeping himself occupied with other things around the house, like trying to wear and tie daddy's shoe laces:
There's also been lots of birthday parties to go to.  Last weekend was a fun one - it was at a pool/lagoon at a nearby hotel.
Daddy/Bobby was quite beat at the end of the day being in the water as well but Graham sure had a lot of fun!

Pregnancy #2 Update - 36 weeks

36 weeks!  Almost there! And after the doctor's appointment yesterday, he seems to think that the baby will most likely arrive early.  The baby is sitting very low and my cervix has really thinned out and I'm about 2cm dilated.  In any case, I do feel like I'm walking or more like waddling like a duck these days!  My belly does seem to feel bigger this past week and I am having more troubles sleeping at night!
When I saw this photo after Bobby had taken it, I was like "Wow, I'm huge!"  Although not quite as huge during this same time at 36 weeks when Graham was in my belly.  The ultrasound yesterday estimated this baby at 6lbs (compared to Graham at 7lbs 3oz at 36 weeks!)  The baby is just under that 50th percentile in weight, so hopefully delivery will be much easier this time. But you just never though. I've heard so many stories from several moms - these babies seem to just have their own plans!  Plus, it doesn't help when there is construction going on the freeway on the way to the hospital!
Graham does know that there is a baby is Mommy's belly and he even gets out his stethoscope to check baby's heartbeat.  He even knows the baby's name now! We'll save that announcement until the baby actually arrives :-)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Graham's new Lego

Graham's new Duplo Lego arrived in the mail yesterday.  We decided to get him some since he seemed to really enjoy playing with the Lego at our neighbor's house.  We also decided to keep all his legos in his bedroom.  His little table worked out really well and he really enjoys just stacking everything up!
And then, of course, the drill....
There's nothing more exciting than seeing something spin while turning the drill on!
When Bobby opened the door this morning to Graham's bedroom, he had turned on his little light and was playing quietly with his Legos.  He used to cry for Mommy to "Open door, please!".  So glad he's over that now!  Although, I did open up the door the other morning to a completely butt-naked Graham!  He had decided to take his pajamas AND his diaper off! Too funny!

Graham still likes playing with all the different games on our new tablet, but it's amazing how short his attention span is!  He switches games as quick as Daddy switches channels on TV!
But he looks so cute here sitting on the big chair, just high enough to see everything on the tablet :-)

Graham's funny voice

Graham started using his "funny voice" more often these days.  He normally does it when he's asking if you'd like to eat his food: "Do you want some?"  And more recently, he would just say "Mommy"... and I would say "Graham" or "Wen-wen" (his Chinese name)... and we would just keep going back and forth.  It's quite funny!
And he's got the funniest face too when it comes to saying "Cheese!"
I have no idea how/when he started squinting both eyes!