Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Graham's 6-month update

Graham had his 6-month doctor's appointment recently. He now weighs almost 17 lbs (16 lbs 14 oz to be exact) and is 25" tall. According to the doc, he's right on track based on the growth chart/graph. Graham had 3 more vaccinations this time, which means three colorful band-aids!
We recently purchased our live Christmas Tree... Graham-sized of course! We plan on planting it in the backyard once Christmas is over. We also got a live/real wreath for inside the house. It smells so good! Although, I think I'm allergic to pine. I keep sneezing!

Grandma and Pop-pop were here visiting last week. Graham really enjoyed all the extra attention!
During their visit, we headed north about an hour away to Dry Gulch, USA - to get on the Christmas Train.
I see you!!! :-)
We also made a trip to the Oklahoma Aquarium. It is our first visit there and we were all happily surprised. The shark tank was awesome!
We missed seeing Santa diving in the other fish tank but did get a chance to have a photo op with one of the divers cleaning the tank.
Graham really enjoyed looking at all the fishes!
He didn't have the same opinion about the sea otter though.
And I guess Graham had zero interest when we got to the tortoises!
By the way, if you've never seen the alligator gar before, it is HUGE! And it looks prehistoric!
The octopus was cool too...
And of course, there has be a tank full of Nemo! And yup, they didn't forget Dory!
My personal favorite is still the jelly fish. They are amazing!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Instead of meatloaf and mac-n-cheese (for the past 2 years), we spent Thanksgiving with Bobby's colleague and his family. It was great! And the food was excellent... especially the corn bread and the yam casserole. YUMMY!
And as usual, I ate too much. But Graham was the one that fell asleep on the way home. Actually, he fell asleep while we were all having dinner and was still asleep when we got home.
Graham started on solids recently. I made some apple sauce and have been mixing it with his cereal. He seems to like it! He is still such a messy eater!
Graham is also starting to get more mobile. He's been rolling everywhere, which includes under the coffee table.
And it seems that he has been scooting backwards a little as well, but just today, he seems to scooting forwards. He's getting too close to that TV!
Graham also loves to "walk"! He picks his left foot really high up like he's doing a march and screams happily while he walks. Too funny!

But like Mommy, he is still our little sleeper!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Graham cutting teeth again?!

Graham woke up crying a couple times last night and today, he's definitely drooling a lot more than normal. I put some orajel on his gums this morning and he made the funniest looking face!
I can't figure out how he does that with his lip! Here's another funny face!
I can't seem to find his teething tablets but then of course, the Hyland's teething tablets have actually been recently recalled. Hopefully he'll get them out soon otherwise, he'll be singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!"

Monday, November 15, 2010

New uses of the Boppy pillow

I'm sure the pillow is only recommended for breastfeeding, but it seems to work really well for supporting Graham. He just loves to sit up!
And who knew that the Boppy pillow label is also good for chewing! Graham loves to chew on all sorts of labels!
You can still use the pillow to feed. I can't wait till he can hold his own bottle!
You can also lounge on the pillow...
Or just use it to take your naps!

And finally, I had Graham in the garage again today - supervising Mommy. It's always so much colder in there, so I put his hat on. He's just so cute! Daddy says that he looks "hipsta"!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New project in garage

Last weekend, I started cleaning up the garage as we had to put the riding mower back into the garage. I was suppose to start painting during the week, but somehow or rather, that just didn't work out with Graham being so fussy this week! I hope it's just the 6-month growth spurt and that this fussy period will pass soon!
Anyhow... back to the garage. We cleared up all the tools and removed all the old nails and hooks that were hung by the previous owners.
After some much needed dusting, scrubbing and some priming, we finally painted. We decided to paint the walls the same color as the exterior of the house. But weirdly enough, the color seems to be a lot more blue than gray! And the first "garage organizing system" that we had picked out yesterday just didn't seem to work out. But after a second trip to Lowe's, I think we finally figured it out! I think it looks awesome!! It's definitely a lot cleaner and more organized. Now we just have to finished up the other 3 walls and the ceiling! And gosh! Look at all those cans of paint!
By the way, that white/unpainted blotch in the top right corner of the pic... that was Bobby's fault. He was pulling out a nail that didn't want to come out, so I told him to knock it in instead. I probably shouldn't have suggested the hammer!
Anyway, nothing spackle can't fix. It's just a matter of making it look pretty that's difficult! I still need to put up peg-board on the other side of the wall. I've always wanted one to arrange all the tools! Bobby says that I get a lot more done when he's not around. :-) I told him that I wanted to stay home and that he could go out to play golf. Needless to say, he did not object to that suggestion!

Graham had some part in helping us with the garage project as well.
Ok,... maybe not. We just purchased the Trend Walker for him this past weekend. He seemed quite excited when he first sat in it.
But after a while, he got bored and just started chewing on the toy attachment. He just loves to chew! I hope he is not teething again.
By the way, he has a new sitting position on his high chair - with his foot IN BETWEEN his toy and the food tray. Graham is just so mischievous!
And oh! Finally... some yummy cupcakes to celebrate Graham's 24th week birthday last week. A couple of pumpkin cupcakes, banana, carrot, coffee, and Bobby's favorite, peanut butter. YUM!!! It's all in the icing!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Graham is 24 weeks old!

Last Saturday was Graham's 24th week birthday. Wow! Where did the time go?! We've yet to get some cupcakes to celebrate. Bobby and Graham went to the specialty cupcake store on Sunday but it was closed!
We started Graham on cereal again. Hopefully he will do better this time. His skin did not react very well with the cereal last time. He definitely loves his cereal! And he has learned to grab on the spoon too!
And as usual, just like last time, he would cry when we're all done!
This was him at 18+ weeks. Look at all that hair he had before!
Now, he just start to chew on his bib as well!
I've started to leave Graham on the floor to play a lot more recently. He seems to enjoy chewing on all his toys (so many of them!)... or just fall asleep when he gets tired and cranky.
I do have to be sure to check on him more frequently though, as he is rolling around a lot more these days. I was quite surprised to see him so far away from his blanket!
I'm not sure if I'm ready for him to start crawling yet, although I have seen signs of it. He has been putting his bum up in the air and trying to scoot forward. If he gets more mobile, perhaps I'll just tie him to the coffee table. Ha ha... just kidding, Grandma! ;-)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Milestone

Graham was 13 weeks when he learned to roll from his belly to back. Now, at 23 1/2 weeks old, he finally learned to roll over from his back onto his belly!

Graham has finally gotten over his jetlag. Last night he was asleep for over 11 hours... from 8pm to 7:30am! Although, I'm sure by saying that I'm going to jinx myself again!
Graham has also learned to scream! He discovered this new "skill" a couple of days just before we were all leaving Malaysia. Needless to say, he's an expert screamer now - being quite a tyrant at times!!!
Ok, ok... he wasn't losing his temper there. I was trying to take his picture when he fell over from a sitting position. Yes, bad mommy!! But he does seem to get upset when I leave him - wonder if that's the separation anxiety that people are talking about. For example, when I put him down on the changing table and just leave him briefly (still within sight) to get more diapers... he would start to cry!

Graham is also learning to pull on his blanket while sleeping. I guess he likes to feel his blankie in his hand... or on his face!
We've definitely been keeping an eye on him when he falls asleep now. Sometimes if Graham is restless while sleeping, we just end up taking his blanket away from him!