Sunday, October 23, 2016

Progress in school: Graham

Graham's reading has improved his last year (thankfully!).  It's funny listening to some of his British/English pronunciation like "Zebra" :-)

I guess he is happy as he drew this recently. Too cute!

Now if he would only work on his listening skills!!!

Abu Dhabi Tour - Cycling

I think I was more nervous about not getting home than anything with the Abu Dhabi Tour being in town this past Friday.  The road leading to our apartment would be closed during part of the afternoon and while we had plans to watch a movie late that morning, I'm glad we got home in time before the road closures!

Poor Charlie is still fighting a cough and mild fever, yet we drag him everywhere :-)
Okay, getting ready by the Al Forsan roundabout!
We had to wait a little while.  Thankfully it wasn't too hot out!
It was pretty exciting to watch the cyclists zoom by:
Followed by a whole bunch of "support" vehicles!
After the quick fly-by, we walk to the other side of the roundabout to watch the cyclists come back the other way. But first, time to play with some rocks while we wait:
Here the cyclists go again! Abu Dhabi Tour video
Another event to add to our Adventure Book! :-)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pirate Graham

Graham's class is working on the Pirate theme all year.  We have had lots of Home Learning tasks involving pirates such as:

Designing a pirate costume:
I love how Graham even drew symptoms of scurvy for the pirate, which the kids talked about in class.

There was also a presentation on "What would a pirate steal from your bedroom?"
Here's the link to the video: Pirate Graham

And of course, Charlie wanted to have his own video too.  Be warned, this one is a bit longer. I guess Charlie had lots to steal! Pirate Charlie

Graham's class had a play during Year 2 school assembly today.  He got to dress up as a pirate for school.  I think he is getting very good at playing the part!
I managed to make him a tattered vest - funny enough from a pair of grey leggings that didn't fit me properly.  (I was too late to exchange it but thankfully they were cheap :-)

Here is Graham as Captain Blackbeard!
The teacher had managed to make him a beard but unfortunately, just before getting to the stage, there was a wardrobe malfunction.  So his beard was hanging off his neck most of the time. Not like that mattered to Graham.  The show must go on!  By the end of it, they had their teacher and even the Head of Primary walk the plank! Too funny :-)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dress in Pink Day

Graham and Charlie's school just hosted Dress in Pink Day this past Tuesday - in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I'm so glad the boys were able to (somewhat) fit into their pink long sleeve shirts.  Charlie's shirt is actually for a 2 year old and Graham's is for a 4 year old!  I had received some pink compression socks a few months ago from Thorlos, so those were perfect for this occasion. The boys love to pose for photos!!!
Graham and Charlie also love hug poses.  I think Charlie actually said "I love you" to Graham after I snapped this photo.  So sweet!
And I was lucky enough that morning to win a gift voucher for a massage!  I have never been to this hotel even after 2 years of being here, so I am excited to finally check it out :-)
And I couldn't pass up the Henna.  There were free salon services for the ladies including manicures as well.  I had just bought bright pink nail polish a few days before so no need for a mani.
And I leave my toe nail painting to Charlie ;-)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

6 birdies!!!

For the first time in my entire golfing career, I had 6 birdies in a round! It was during a friendly game with a good friend yesterday.  My personal best was 5 birdies when I was playing full-time on the Duramed Futures Tour (now Symetra Tour) so I'm inching slowly to better golf :-)

I guess these golf lessons are starting to pay off but funny enough, with 6 birdies also came 7 bogeys. HAHA! I haven't had my lesson in the bunker yet so that's on the list next as I was in 5 bunkers yesterday and didn't get up-and-down from any of them!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekend with Leo the Leopard

If you are wondering who Leo is, well... he is the mascot for Charlie's classroom!  Charlie was so excited to bring him home last weekend:
And Graham was just as excited.  Leo is definitely getting a lot of attention!
As we get home and once the boys are showered, they take Leo around the house on their tricycle:
And in the afternoon, it is off to the bowling alley!
Both Graham and Charlie didn't use the kid's ramp this time. They were both able to carry, hold, and throw the 6lb bowling ball:
I'm having issues uploading videos again so here are some videos on YouTube instead:
- Charlie bowling  (Okay, almost hold, carry, and bowl ;-)

On Friday morning, Leo was up bright and early and sitting by the sidelines watching the boys' soccer practice:
Charlie is doing a great job as usual!
Once soccer was done, Leo was right there next to Charlie - watching him kick a few goals:
Time to hydrate. Drink up, Leo!
Graham was Pass Master this week!  Hooray!!! Charlie was so proud of his big brother :-)
After all that sweating, it was time for Leo's bath (finally!).  Yes, delicate cycle of course:

On Saturday, it was mostly a quiet day at home.  Leo watched phonic videos with Charlie and Graham on Daddy's computer:
Charlie did some drawing and coloring while Leo watched:
Also some Lego playtime:
We went to pick Daddy up from the airport and both Charlie and Leo decided to take a nap in the car:
And that also meant a continued nap once we got upstairs!
Awww... Charlie really loved having Leo this past weekend!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Charlie's first dental visit in Abu Dhabi

Charlie's cavity in between his upper two front teeth seems to be getting worse, so we decided to make an appointment for him to see a dentist here.  A dental office actually just opened up down the street for us which is super convenient!  Unfortunately, maybe the timing wasn't so good???  We arrived right after school and Charlie did not want to even sit on the big chair, let alone open his mouth to let the dentist take a peek!  I asked Graham to get up in the chair instead to show Charlie how easy the examination would be.  Well, an hour later - Graham ended up getting his teeth cleaned and polished.  HA!  Looks like we will have to figure something else out for Charlie!

First eagle at ADGC

I joined up in the Ladies Day tourney at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club today.  Who knew I would be making my first eagle on Hole #10 - a par 5.  I pitched it in from 51 yards.  My new coach would be so proud as we've been working on our yardages with my wedges just a couple of weeks ago.  Seems like something is working. I ended up 4-under for the day (37, 31 with 29 total putts).  Very happy! My best score yet off the Red Tees :-)

In other news, Bobby also had his first eagle last week - on a Par 4, Hole #11.  Hmm... I can't quite remember how far it was now. The story keeps changing like fishing stories ;-)   He did participate in a scramble event with a newfound friend just this past weekend.  And these two had a combined scramble score of 64 and won the event!!!  Bobby is so proud of his trophy!
Needless to say, it didn't take long for it to find it's new home in the TV cabinet.  Congrats Daddy!!!