Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekend with Leo the Leopard

If you are wondering who Leo is, well... he is the mascot for Charlie's classroom!  Charlie was so excited to bring him home last weekend:
And Graham was just as excited.  Leo is definitely getting a lot of attention!
As we get home and once the boys are showered, they take Leo around the house on their tricycle:
And in the afternoon, it is off to the bowling alley!
Both Graham and Charlie didn't use the kid's ramp this time. They were both able to carry, hold, and throw the 6lb bowling ball:
I'm having issues uploading videos again so here are some videos on YouTube instead:
- Charlie bowling  (Okay, almost hold, carry, and bowl ;-)

On Friday morning, Leo was up bright and early and sitting by the sidelines watching the boys' soccer practice:
Charlie is doing a great job as usual!
Once soccer was done, Leo was right there next to Charlie - watching him kick a few goals:
Time to hydrate. Drink up, Leo!
Graham was Pass Master this week!  Hooray!!! Charlie was so proud of his big brother :-)
After all that sweating, it was time for Leo's bath (finally!).  Yes, delicate cycle of course:

On Saturday, it was mostly a quiet day at home.  Leo watched phonic videos with Charlie and Graham on Daddy's computer:
Charlie did some drawing and coloring while Leo watched:
Also some Lego playtime:
We went to pick Daddy up from the airport and both Charlie and Leo decided to take a nap in the car:
And that also meant a continued nap once we got upstairs!
Awww... Charlie really loved having Leo this past weekend!

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