Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pirate Graham

Graham's class is working on the Pirate theme all year.  We have had lots of Home Learning tasks involving pirates such as:

Designing a pirate costume:
I love how Graham even drew symptoms of scurvy for the pirate, which the kids talked about in class.

There was also a presentation on "What would a pirate steal from your bedroom?"
Here's the link to the video: Pirate Graham

And of course, Charlie wanted to have his own video too.  Be warned, this one is a bit longer. I guess Charlie had lots to steal! Pirate Charlie

Graham's class had a play during Year 2 school assembly today.  He got to dress up as a pirate for school.  I think he is getting very good at playing the part!
I managed to make him a tattered vest - funny enough from a pair of grey leggings that didn't fit me properly.  (I was too late to exchange it but thankfully they were cheap :-)

Here is Graham as Captain Blackbeard!
The teacher had managed to make him a beard but unfortunately, just before getting to the stage, there was a wardrobe malfunction.  So his beard was hanging off his neck most of the time. Not like that mattered to Graham.  The show must go on!  By the end of it, they had their teacher and even the Head of Primary walk the plank! Too funny :-)

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