Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dress in Pink Day

Graham and Charlie's school just hosted Dress in Pink Day this past Tuesday - in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I'm so glad the boys were able to (somewhat) fit into their pink long sleeve shirts.  Charlie's shirt is actually for a 2 year old and Graham's is for a 4 year old!  I had received some pink compression socks a few months ago from Thorlos, so those were perfect for this occasion. The boys love to pose for photos!!!
Graham and Charlie also love hug poses.  I think Charlie actually said "I love you" to Graham after I snapped this photo.  So sweet!
And I was lucky enough that morning to win a gift voucher for a massage!  I have never been to this hotel even after 2 years of being here, so I am excited to finally check it out :-)
And I couldn't pass up the Henna.  There were free salon services for the ladies including manicures as well.  I had just bought bright pink nail polish a few days before so no need for a mani.
And I leave my toe nail painting to Charlie ;-)

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