Friday, July 31, 2009

More rain in Syracuse!

Tee-off time was scheduled for 1:10pm today, but looks like play has been suspended since 9:06am and who knows when we'll be able to start playing today! Well, I'm glad I'm able to just stay home and chill until it's actually time to get out there. And it's probably already a given by now that I won't be finishing my round today, so it will be an early morning tomorrow!
The drive from New Hampshire to Syracuse was longer than I expected. There were a couple of really heavy downpours in Vermont, which was probably a good thing because then I wouldn't be tempted to stop and go shopping in those little quaint towns. I did stop to see this covered bridge in Brattleboro, Vermont - built in 1879! And then, another stop at a little store in Hoosick for a quick bite to eat, and I saw this plaque. Pretty neat!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

It wasn't a fluke!

Had another good round today of 2-under 70. That put me at a total of 2-under for the event and tied for 29th place. The 3-day total is a personal best for me for the season! It was almost a bogey-free round again today, but unfortunately I didn't make my par putt on #7 (the 16th hole of the day). The Swedish girl that I was playing with today shot the record low round of 8-under 64! Pretty amazing, especially watching her hit her drives 50 yards past mine!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

What a fun day!

So this is what it feels like to shoot under par. I really need to do it more often! Finished up with a bogey-free round of 3-under today (I think that's a first!), with many thanks to my cheering squad - The CLP Groupies! Thanks for coming out to see me and thank for the Guinness and the meal too after the round! :-)
But who would have thought that I would have played the way I did when I started out hitting the tree to the left off the tee on my first hole. The ball landed just slightly in front of a tree root and then there was this rock jutting out from the ground quite close in front as well! But from there, I was able to punch it out to the right side rough. I then hit my 5-wood to the left side rough. Then, a 6-iron to about 12 feet and made my putt for par! And on my final hole, I almost knocked in my 7-iron shot from the rough into the hole for eagle! Although my driver didn't work as well, my putting definitely improved from yesterday. No 4-putt today! Yay!

Friday, July 24, 2009

5-hour delay

Didn't tee off till 1:40pm today (original tee-time at 8:40am). Started out really well but then I got on a bad stretch on the back-nine. Nonetheless, was striking the ball well today so will continue to stay focused.
In the meantime, picked up a kitchen faucet and a bathroom faucet. Tried to get matching towel rings and towel holders, but not having much luck. So going to go back to the store tomorrow :-) That will kill some time in the morning since I won't tee off until 3:35pm!

So much rain!

So the weatherman was right... it is a washout on Friday! It's been raining since I woke up this morning at 5:45am. And after putting on sunscreen and changing, I called the pro-shop to find out that there's a 2-hour delay! So I went back to sleep (in my golf shirt and shorts - thank goodness for wrinkle free!) and set my alarm for 8:15am. And based on the new update at 8:30am posted on the tour's website, the first tee-time is now 12pm! So I won't be teeing off till 12:40pm today. I had a feeling earlier this week that it might be a 36-hole event, so I'm probably not too far from the truth! Well, if anything, all I need now is 2 good rounds instead of trying to have 3 good rounds! :-)
Bob just told me the estimate of getting the house painted. Just making the cut won't cover it, so looks like I need to work harder these last few events!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Was it really that bad?

So I was tempted to count my scores today after finishing the first 9 holes (on the back-nine) but I told myself that I shouldn't. I really needed to just focus on my current play - hole by hole. And so when I got done, I thought I played decent, but after calculating my score card, I was 6-over for the day! And that's 7-over for the tournament!!! Waaaaaaaay too much!!!! (The cut ended up being 5-over today)
I'm quite disappointed as I was hitting the ball so well on the range earlier today. Well, maybe heading up to familiar territory next week will be good for me. We've played the golf course in New Hampshire for quite a few years now. And I can always count on my CLP cheering squad to be there as well! :-)
By the way, I forgot to mention... Since we had all 3 golf bags on the cart yesterday, I told the girls that I would put my small bag on the passenger side of the cart. Well, not long after we teed off, we hear this crash! And there laid my golf bag... on the cart path. The volunteer cart driver said he was not speeding. Thankfully, the driver did not break. It survived with some scratches and thankfully those were at the bottom of the club. Phew! I did end up taking the bag on and off the cart occassionally, since it was cart-path only yesterday (there was some heavy rain late last night and early morning).

Friday, July 17, 2009

1 month (and 1 day later)...

Here are the before and after pictures since the "buzz" for Pantene Beautiful Lengths. My hair has probably grown a couple of centimeters. It's been over 3+ weeks since my break on tour, so some players and staff would comment on how quickly my hair has grown. And then, I'd have to take off my cap so a few of them could then rub my head :-) $1 for each hair rub, I would keep saying! And so far, I've collected $9 and some change. One player gave me a Euro $1 yesterday for a hair rub that happened prior to the break. And one other player wrote me a note on Facebook and wanted to rub my head for luck but I told her she could rub it for a $1 and she did the following day!
It's been great so far in West Hartford, CT. The couple that I'm staying with are extremely nice and their little dog too (Simon) is so cute! The golf course is really pretty but there's lot of undulation around and on the greens. So it will definitely be a little bit more tricky. I'm planning on taking my smaller bag today and taking it off the golf cart when necessary, so then I won't have to carry 4 to 5 different clubs to the green when I have to chip! Maybe I should have hired a caddy for the week!
It rained really heavily yesterday so hopefully the greens have softened up a little bit. They have been so firm earlier during the week and it's been rather windy too. Ok, I'm not making any excuses early!

Friday, July 10, 2009

New York City in July

My sister met up with me in NYC earlier this week. We had to renew our passports. Thankfully it only took 1 day to do it. We had to submit our passports earlier in the morning at the Consulate General of Malaysia (which really shouldn't have taken 2 hours, but it did!) and then, we returned later that afternoon to pick it up. After that, we were free to do some sightseeing. :-)
Here we have the United Nations building, which was really close to the Consulate. I love how the image of the clouds reflect off the glass buildings. Just so neat! And then of course, I just couldn't stop taking those pictures!
We decided to get on the hop-on hop-off tour buses, which was very convenient. We were suppose to get up earlier one morning to eat dim sum in Chinatown but that didn't pan out, so we ended up at a restaurant called Juniors. They are suppose to have the best New York cheesecake and so of course, we ordered one - the Chocolate Mousse cheesecake. The cheesecake itself was really rich, and so we mostly just picked on the chocolate mousse :-)
My sister was able to use points to get us a room at the Waldoft-Astoria. Now I can say that I've stayed there! At one of the entrances, there's this huge chandelier and mosaic tile-work underneath it. Quite impressive!
All in all, it was a fun trip, but I could definitely do without the thousands of tourist roaming around the city! Guess I've been countrified now, living in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th weekend!

Bob and I spent the long weekend in New Jersey with his mom and family. Unfortunately, his little niece Madison ended up with Lyme Meningitis and still is in the hospital. We went to visit her once and she seems to be doing better, thankfully!
On July 4th, we spent an afternoon with one of his brothers and his family playing tennis. I decided to opt out since being in the middle of my golf season, it's probably best not to injure myself! And then, we headed out to the country club and watched fire works there. I had forgotten how loud and smokey it can get!
Bobby left to go back to Tulsa today. It will be a long few weeks for me starting next week. I will be heading out to New York to renew my passport. I will be meeting up with my sister at La Guardia airport. It has been quite stressful just thinking about where to park my car - at the airport or at the hotel. Either way, it's going to be sooooo expensive!
I finally heard back from Srixon Golf today. Seems like after the merger with Cleveland Golf, they will be applying a Player's Charge account now to us "little" players who need equipment. That's not very nice at all! But they are going to send me a new set of clubs for free since those were promised since Sept of last year! Supposely the new clubs were sent out earlier in March, but perhaps they were sent out to the old address. So who knows... hopefully the rep will not take another 10 months to get back to me! :-s

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First tomato!

Finally! After about 3+ month, I finally picked our first tomato! I waited till Bob got home and we cut it into half and it was actually quite good! It's not very good when the tomato is warm but overall, I thought the little tomato was juicy and was quite sweet - despite the funny face that Bob gave while he was chewing on it. There are a whole bunch of tomatoes that are still small and green, so looks like I'll have to wait until the next time I'm home to eat those. Unfortunately, I will be on the road for the next 2 months! Hopefully Bob will know when/how to pick them and that they will last in the fridge until I can get to them!
Also, despite looking scraggly, our cucumber plant has a couple of little cucumbers. I did cut one off the plant the other day, but it was old and yellow. And no, didn't taste very good warm either!

And Bob finally finished sawing, chopping, and pulling out all the overgrown shrubs on the east-side of the house. Yay! It's looking really good (other than green hose, which has no where to hide now!).