Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ice-cream for breakfast

The local creamery was having a summer fest this past Saturday.  With free ice-cream on the menu, we decided to check it out :-)
The line was long even from the start of the day, but thankfully it moved quickly:
Charlie didn't have a care in the world:
Once we were in, we headed straight to the ice-cream line.  Can't believe Graham didn't get any of it on his white shirt!
Again, Charlie was just chillin' on other side of the stroller.  He's got such big feet!
A quick train ride for Graham.  He got on it all by himself!
Then, a fancy tattoo:
Even daddy wanted one!
We headed over to the nearby park to play before heading home.  Charlie was happy when Mommy gave him his favorite snacks:
On the way back to the car, Graham had a photo opp with the minor league men's and women's basketball mascots!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Charlie's first word?

Well, I'm not sure if this would actually count as his first word.  I'll let you be the judge:
"Mum-mum" is sort of a kid's slang in Chinese for "food".  He did start repeating it a few weeks ago but it seems more pronounced now.  I guess Daddy has the last say in this as a first word since he did veto Graham's first word of "woof".

Charlie has also been more adventurous around the house.  He's been climbing a lot more - up the stairs:
Up on big brother Graham's stool:
Charlie also started opening up kitchen cabinets:
And last but not least, he's working on his new appetite for meat.  Dinosaur anyone?
And speaking of new, Charlie also sat in the little car for the first time yesterday.
He liked it so much that he started to fuss when I tried to take him out of it!

First batch of blueberries

We finally have our first batch of blueberries from our garden!
Graham didn't like them too much though.  He said that they were sour:
The smaller ones were a little sour, but I thought they still tasted pretty good especially in my daily/ritual cereal.  Did you know that once the blueberries are picked, they don't ripen anymore?
And ah... my poor green bean plant.  Only 1 green bean! I think we should just pick this one soon and cook it and eat it :-)
And we're still waiting for our tomatoes to ripen!
I decided to go with yellow tomatoes this year. Just read on the internet that yellow tomatoes are lower in acid than red tomatoes.  That's good news as I did suffer from really bad heartburn after my own homemade cherry pie the other day!

Friday, June 21, 2013

My Mom's 6th anniversary

Can't believe it's been 6 years now since my mother had passed away. I still miss her dearly, especially when I think about our two boys - not having a chance to meet her.
Going through some old photos on my laptop and I couldn't help but to post this one. That's my mom with my sister and me, to the right.
Funny, but I almost look like Charlie in the photo. Or I guess I should say Charlie looks like me!
Well... almost :-) He's got that look like "huh?" He loves saying that, by the way "Huh?" and we would go back and forth with it. It's very funny!
As usual, on my mom's anniversary I would get her some flowers and light a candle for her.  This year, I was able to pick some hydrangeas from the garden:
They are so pretty, aren't they? I hope the plants survive the summer!
And this year, I decided to buzz my hair again for charity.  Bobby and Graham helped out:
I think Daddy was having more fun than anyone else!
Well, no turning back now:
Definitely no turning back now!
And we weren't going to let Graham escape without a haircut too.  And since it's the summertime, we decided to buzz it a little shorter than usual:
So, here's the before:
And after!
I've already received a couple of comments recently about how Graham and I "match". Ha!  Well, a couple more years before my next haircut!

Happy Father's Day

This year for Father's Day, we really didn't do too much because we had to drive back from Arlington, TX (where I had just won my first professional golf tournament!).  Daddy did get a chance to sit in a flight simulator earlier that day, at the airport where the friend that we stayed with works as a flight instructor.  Too bad Charlie was not more cooperative during his "flight".  In any case, he did get a nice card and of course, another neck-tie!  This time it has both the boys on it :-)

First professional win for Mommy!

The Cactus Tour, which normally plays their events in Phoenix, AZ decided to expand their tournament sites to Arlington, TX this summer.  I decided to sign up for the tournament since we would be able to drive there as a family.  Well, I guess it was well worth the trip! I shot 71, 76, and 73 and was able to catch up to the leader from 2 shots behind.  It took 2 play-off holes and I did it! My first win as a professional golfer and my first play-off record of 1-0 :-)
Here are the results from the website:
So, alright... there were only 7 players in the field (including 1 amateur) but Bobby convinced me that a win is a win.  I think this new putter is working out quite nicely and hopefully it will continue to do so after several attempts in different styles of gripping the putter. What's funny is I'm back to holding the putter the same way I did when I first learned to play golf as a kid!
I'm still quite surprised at myself - being able to play as well as I did with the lack of sleep and practice. Thankfully, Bobby was around to help me keep the boys entertained (Graham took this pic by the way).
We found a park close by to where we were staying.  That worked out quite well when I had a late tee-time.
Look at that kicking form!  And there's just something about gravel that the boys really like. Dig, dig, dig!
Or... put it in your mouth.  Love the way Charlie sits like that!
It was great being able to stay with some good friends too who owned a nice pool.  Graham really enjoyed that!
Well, it was definitely a fun week.  Hopefully there will be more wins to come - otherwise, I better just retire now on this high note. Oh wait... I am sort of semi-retired.  Sometimes I feel more like a full-time mom and part-time golfer!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy birthday to me!

Ah yes... another birthday on the 12th of June. This time with 3 boys in my life! I did wake up to 2 crying boys but there was a nice little gift bag on my bedside table.  Graham was quick to help me open my birthday present and it was a lovely one indeed. Thank you Daddy! I love you all. Kisses!

Videos of the boys

Just a couple of videos of Charlie and Graham.  
Here is one of Charlie standing (at 10+ months old):
And a video of Graham showing off his dance moves :-)

Busy weekend

Two weekends ago, we decided to check out the second Saturday of the month at the Philbrook Museum.  They had some arts and crafts for the kids, although I'm not sure who had more fun - Graham or Daddy!
Graham did love using that stapler:
A little souvenir for Mommy:
During this time, Charlie just enjoyed gnawing on the strap of his stroller:
Moving on... to the lower level to paint:
... and scribble with the crayons:
In the meantime, Charlie is still gnawing!
Moving on... to the gardens.  It was a perfect day to walk around the lovely garden:
Graham was too cute - holding onto his little drawing/art case.
A view from the bottom of the gardens.  What a pretty place!
Anyone wants to ride on a hippo?
Tired kids!
The following day, it's our first time to hit the pool this summer!  Graham obviously loves the water:
Graham is now using his puddle jumper in the big pool, while little brother Charlie just chills in his shaded floatie.  Ahh... what a life!