Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Busy weekend

Two weekends ago, we decided to check out the second Saturday of the month at the Philbrook Museum.  They had some arts and crafts for the kids, although I'm not sure who had more fun - Graham or Daddy!
Graham did love using that stapler:
A little souvenir for Mommy:
During this time, Charlie just enjoyed gnawing on the strap of his stroller:
Moving on... to the lower level to paint:
... and scribble with the crayons:
In the meantime, Charlie is still gnawing!
Moving on... to the gardens.  It was a perfect day to walk around the lovely garden:
Graham was too cute - holding onto his little drawing/art case.
A view from the bottom of the gardens.  What a pretty place!
Anyone wants to ride on a hippo?
Tired kids!
The following day, it's our first time to hit the pool this summer!  Graham obviously loves the water:
Graham is now using his puddle jumper in the big pool, while little brother Charlie just chills in his shaded floatie.  Ahh... what a life!

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