Friday, June 21, 2013

My Mom's 6th anniversary

Can't believe it's been 6 years now since my mother had passed away. I still miss her dearly, especially when I think about our two boys - not having a chance to meet her.
Going through some old photos on my laptop and I couldn't help but to post this one. That's my mom with my sister and me, to the right.
Funny, but I almost look like Charlie in the photo. Or I guess I should say Charlie looks like me!
Well... almost :-) He's got that look like "huh?" He loves saying that, by the way "Huh?" and we would go back and forth with it. It's very funny!
As usual, on my mom's anniversary I would get her some flowers and light a candle for her.  This year, I was able to pick some hydrangeas from the garden:
They are so pretty, aren't they? I hope the plants survive the summer!
And this year, I decided to buzz my hair again for charity.  Bobby and Graham helped out:
I think Daddy was having more fun than anyone else!
Well, no turning back now:
Definitely no turning back now!
And we weren't going to let Graham escape without a haircut too.  And since it's the summertime, we decided to buzz it a little shorter than usual:
So, here's the before:
And after!
I've already received a couple of comments recently about how Graham and I "match". Ha!  Well, a couple more years before my next haircut!

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