Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy birthday to Bobby/Daddy!

Bobby celebrated his birthday recently at the end of May.  It was quite a day for him.  He had a long drive back from Little Rock, AR in the morning through some stormy weather.  But when he got home, he was greeted with home-made spaghetti served with chicken parmesan - his favorite!  And us, of course - his favorite too! :-)
And then, it was another one of Daddy's favorite - Cherry Pie!
We know someone else really enjoyed the cherry pie!
And then, time to open up Daddy's presents.  Just like last year, another bag of pistachios. I think he really likes them:
And saving the best for last, a hand-painted cereal bowl!  It had been in the cabinet since a week before Mother's Day.  Obviously daddy did not see it.  It seems that he had been using the bigger bowls from the other cabinet!
Once the birthday celebration was over, we were all glued to the TV.  The local news was tracking a possible tornado heading towards us!  And sure enough, by about 9pm, while Graham and I were using the loo - Bobby said "The tornado is on the ground!".  My heart probably jumped a beat when I heard that and it probably wasn't the best either to hurry a 3-year old during potty time. Graham's "aim" was not the best and I had to clean up the floor right before we were finally able to gather everyone into the shelter.
Here are some pictures of the storm brewing and also the aftermath from the local news center:

The sirens went off twice while we were in the storm room and the power went off after the first siren.  Fortunately, the power came back on after a couple of hours. The next day, we found out that the tornado hit the neighborhood just one mile south of us. YIKES!!!  This was definitely a birthday to remember!

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