Friday, June 21, 2013

First professional win for Mommy!

The Cactus Tour, which normally plays their events in Phoenix, AZ decided to expand their tournament sites to Arlington, TX this summer.  I decided to sign up for the tournament since we would be able to drive there as a family.  Well, I guess it was well worth the trip! I shot 71, 76, and 73 and was able to catch up to the leader from 2 shots behind.  It took 2 play-off holes and I did it! My first win as a professional golfer and my first play-off record of 1-0 :-)
Here are the results from the website:
So, alright... there were only 7 players in the field (including 1 amateur) but Bobby convinced me that a win is a win.  I think this new putter is working out quite nicely and hopefully it will continue to do so after several attempts in different styles of gripping the putter. What's funny is I'm back to holding the putter the same way I did when I first learned to play golf as a kid!
I'm still quite surprised at myself - being able to play as well as I did with the lack of sleep and practice. Thankfully, Bobby was around to help me keep the boys entertained (Graham took this pic by the way).
We found a park close by to where we were staying.  That worked out quite well when I had a late tee-time.
Look at that kicking form!  And there's just something about gravel that the boys really like. Dig, dig, dig!
Or... put it in your mouth.  Love the way Charlie sits like that!
It was great being able to stay with some good friends too who owned a nice pool.  Graham really enjoyed that!
Well, it was definitely a fun week.  Hopefully there will be more wins to come - otherwise, I better just retire now on this high note. Oh wait... I am sort of semi-retired.  Sometimes I feel more like a full-time mom and part-time golfer!

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