Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ice-cream for breakfast

The local creamery was having a summer fest this past Saturday.  With free ice-cream on the menu, we decided to check it out :-)
The line was long even from the start of the day, but thankfully it moved quickly:
Charlie didn't have a care in the world:
Once we were in, we headed straight to the ice-cream line.  Can't believe Graham didn't get any of it on his white shirt!
Again, Charlie was just chillin' on other side of the stroller.  He's got such big feet!
A quick train ride for Graham.  He got on it all by himself!
Then, a fancy tattoo:
Even daddy wanted one!
We headed over to the nearby park to play before heading home.  Charlie was happy when Mommy gave him his favorite snacks:
On the way back to the car, Graham had a photo opp with the minor league men's and women's basketball mascots!

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