Saturday, April 28, 2007

Missed Cut :-(

Another missed cut. It's that darn putter! Lesson learnt... never leave your putter in the room when there's a 3-year old in the house. Those extra dings on the putter must have thrown off my game this week :-)
But looking back at my scores from last year of 81, 80... this week's 78, 74 ain't too bad then. Haha!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Off to McAllen, TX

It will be a long 10 to 11 hours on the road tomorrow. Thankfully, I will be joining two other girls driving in their cars as well. My housing host in McAllen last year was quite a nightmare, so hopefully this year will be a little bit better. I bought a Tiffany style lamp in a silent auction this week and it's big box just manages to fit into the backseat of my little 2-door civic :-) Sad thing is I don't think that lamp is going to get back to New Jersey till perhaps July!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Finally made my first cut of the season! Hoorah! And it was a low one too... the cut was only at 3-over this week. Sunny skies and little wind are making this course play easy it seems. Well, tomorrow is moving day - moving up the leaderboard of course to make more money! Need to finance the wedding reception fund. Funny enough, this first cut comes during the same week as the new name change. Hubby Bobby has to be happy with this...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Name change

By the way, if anyone hasn't noticed yet, I did have my name changed this week on the FUTURES Tour... Cindy Lee-Pridgen. Bob and I tied the knot this past Jan and we are doing very well. Probably because we haven't seen each other very much :-)

The housing committee in McAllen almost gave my housing assignment away because she thought I was no longer on the roster!

Lucky day!

Went to the "Meet the pros" party tonight and won a travel voucher for $375! I also bid in a silent auction for a tiffany style lamp and won that too! It's all wrapped up in a big box now and I did managed to squeeze it into the backseat of my little Civic :-) 167,000+ miles and still going strong!