Thursday, September 27, 2007

New family member in the garden

Today, we welcome a new plant in the garden patch - a "Celebrity Hybrid Tomato" plant. When transplanting, it is said that the plant needs to be 75% buried. Well... I started out this morning with burying just the roots but then decided,... ok, let's do this right! After about another 10-15 minutes digging through clay in the backyard, I think I have about half of the plant buried now. That's close enough!

So, since it is a "Celebrity" tomato, we shall name it "Britney";-) Let's hope it grows now! According to the same article, ... "watch for fruit to appear within 45 to 90 days after transplanting"... I'll keep y'all posted in Nov/Dec!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Our new home in Houston, TX

Here's our new home... I love it! It is rather large for just the two of us - 4 bedrooms, 3 baths and we do already have a guest bed, so all are welcome! :-)

I did start a little garden patch. I bought some basil and parsley before this last roadtrip and the day before leaving, I decided to dig up a couple of holes in the backyard... at 9pm... (so Bob will quit complaining about how he has to look after my stuff when I'm gone). Well, so far so good... although the basil leaves are being attacked by something and the parsley leaves are a hint yellow... looks like I'm going to have to "google" on these! And oh, that's a little gecko (like the one in GEICO) wearing a straw hat. I just had to buy when I saw him at a Trading Post in New Mexico. He is yet to be named...

And... I finally got to move my piano from Phoenix into the house today. Yay! But now I can't find my piano books!!!

1,197 miles later...

Yup, finally made it home from Phoenix to Houston in one day! I started at 5:30am and stepped through the door at exactly midnight (or 2am Houston time). I was definitely giddy when I got out of the car and seriously needed to lie down!

I was stopped at the Border Patrol in El Paso and not having my passport, they pulled me over. After waiting 5-10 minutes and explaining to them that I only have copies of my passport (by the way, it's illegal to make copies of your passport!) they finally cleared my record and off I went. "Please have your documents at all times"... was the officer's advice.

It started raining halfway through the roadtrip and I saw the biggest rainbow ever! It was a complete rainbow, where I could see both ends of it. I wonder which end the pot of gold is at...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Off to LPGA Q-School

So I'm actually writing this blog in Tempe, AZ. I'm at my old roommate's place and just around the corner is the Honda Service center. I almost ran out of gas yesterday in the middle of Texas (well, it was either some shady gas station or pushing it another 20 miles). Anyhow the low gas indictator didn't even come on yet and my car started to have the "hiccups"! Honda is going to change the fuel filter and run some fuel service thingy. Yup,... I sure know my car! I was going to stop over in Tempe anyhow because I wanted to get my piano ready for the movers next week. Yay! :-)

It's been a long journey so far from Houston to Palm Springs, CA. Heading into El Paso yesterday there was a Car-B-Q on I-10 West. I've never seen one before but heard of plenty. The Scooby-doo Dream Machine look-alike was definitely "well done"... and smelt horrible! While waiting for traffic to move, I turned off my car on the freeway, got out and started chatting with a couple of truck drivers beside my vehicle - Art and Leo, both heading into El Paso. And in the meantime, the guy who owned the car behind me wanted to check Leo's cable connection between the 2 trailers... code for "I'd like to pee between the trailers, please". Hehe... Thankfully it wasn't quite 100F and the wait was only for 25 minutes or so, which built up traffic for about 3+ miles from the site.

My car won't be ready for another 3 hours. So it's either nap time... crochet the baby blanket for sis... or make ribbon roses for the wedding reception in Oct. I'll let y'all guess! :-)

Last paycheck of the year!

Well, I made the cut for the last event of the FUTURES Tour and made a whooping $632. Yay! Unfortunately, it's already money spent! I finally managed to convince Bob about moving my piano from Phoenix to Houston and once it gets to Houston, it still needs to be tuned. Guess he doesn't know about the expenses for that yet :-)
It will be back to FUTURES Tour q-school again later this Nov. Can't believe it will be my fourth season next year. If my golf doesn't improve, I better start looking for a day job... (NOT) or start popping out a kid or two ;-)