Saturday, March 28, 2015

Charlie is 20 months old

I can't remember the last time I updated Charlie's progress.  It was much easier when it was just one kid.  I'll have to apologize for the 3rd kid now, if we end up having another!

Charlie continues to love playing with his legos:
And continues to get bumps and bruises! This one on his forehead recently:
The potty training is coming along quite well (despite an accident yesterday when I was on the webcam with Grandma and Pop-pop).  He sings this song now after a successful poop in the potty. Too cute :-)
Charlie is now learning to play better with his big brother.  It's so cute to see (and hear!) how both of them interact with each other. They love being silly together!
Charlie is still not very keen on getting kisses from his brother:
But best of all, they both love to dance!
And I can't believe Graham is only 2 months away from turning 5.  How time flies!

New light shades

Bobby finally caved in and decided we needed some pendant light shades.  When we moved into our apartment here, we had these exposed light bulbs.  According to a friend of mine, we were actually lucky to even have that.  When they moved into their villa years ago, they only had exposed wiring hanging down from the ceiling!
Doesn't look too bad :-) thanks to IKEA, of course.  We only have them in the living room for now. As you can see, we still have an exposed light bulb (top left of pic).  That's in our dining room. May do something different there.  The paper shades are nice but having broken a little piece of the frame, the middle one doesn't hold on that well any more.  Plus, the boys are now kicking soccer balls in the house - that doesn't help either!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Random pics of the week

We've been enjoying the block of cheeses that Bobby brought back from Italy.  They are big blocks for sure!
And so yummy!  Used some to make some risotto using some authentic ingredients as well last night. Mmmm... mmmm... mmmm...!!!  I'm never using chicken broth again!
The boys have been getting their fix on speedy sports cars (or perhaps I have too).  I spotted a McClaren in a parking garage recently:
And yesterday, the boys wanted to take a picture in front of this Aston Martin.  So pretty!
Meanwhile, at home... lots of bath time as the weather is warming up quickly!
And Charlie's new thing is laying down in the bath with his ears under water.  He loves it!
And also watching TV upside-down.  Monkey see, monkey do!
And the potty training continues.  Charlie would hide sometimes in the corners of the house when he has to go poop. Most of the time he tells me he loves me first before going. Very funny, until of course I find his "gift"!
And finally, our friend introduced us to a new Malaysian restaurant. Well, it's a small one located in a gas station and this is the short cut to get to it!
It's this way or otherwise it's 85 km (or 52 miles) down to the next town before able to turn around since it's on the other side of the freeway.  Obviously the wrong side then!  And oh, when you get to the end of this "road", please don't attempt to go up the hill and over the curb! Yes, honey... you will never hear the end of this one either! :-P

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Boys' ang pows

We finally had a chance to give the boys their ang pows (Chinese New Year red packets).  It was actually a couple days after CNY but obviously the boys didn't know that.  They were just excited about the money in it!
Charlie is still figuring it out:
I remembered as a kid counting all the money I received at the end of the day. The first few days were always really good as those were the busy days where people would come to the house or we would go to our relatives' homes to celebrate the New Year.  Ahh.... those were the days.  It's too bad the boys aren't able to experience that.  We'll have to go back to Malaysia for that some day!

By the way, I'm finally able to update my blog again because my computer was running out of space!  Too many videos and photos but I was finally able to transfer some of it to a memory stick to free up some space. Only a matter of time before it fills up again.  Thankfully the memory stick was quite affordable. Phew! Now I just have to be sure not to lose it!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Another medal for Graham!

Graham is continuing to have soccer practice every Friday and is quite a confident player now. Every week, someone is awarded a medal for 1) Listening 2) Playing hard and 3) Smiling.  Looks like we finally got that combination covered last week!
Normally Charlie would be home with me, but I finally had a chance to see a massage therapist.  So Charlie tagged along with Daddy and Graham.  He would always jump or dance around and end up in this "Star-fish" pose as Bobby puts it.  No idea where he learned this one from!
Can't miss this coming week's soccer practice as Graham will be the Pass Master for the day!  Will be sure to post pictures later this week.