Saturday, March 28, 2015

Charlie is 20 months old

I can't remember the last time I updated Charlie's progress.  It was much easier when it was just one kid.  I'll have to apologize for the 3rd kid now, if we end up having another!

Charlie continues to love playing with his legos:
And continues to get bumps and bruises! This one on his forehead recently:
The potty training is coming along quite well (despite an accident yesterday when I was on the webcam with Grandma and Pop-pop).  He sings this song now after a successful poop in the potty. Too cute :-)
Charlie is now learning to play better with his big brother.  It's so cute to see (and hear!) how both of them interact with each other. They love being silly together!
Charlie is still not very keen on getting kisses from his brother:
But best of all, they both love to dance!
And I can't believe Graham is only 2 months away from turning 5.  How time flies!

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