Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring break

This is our first Spring break in Abu Dhabi!  We started off by buying a new toy for Graham. He earned all 10 stars and as promised, he was able to buy anything he wanted (within budget, of course).  Stars were earned when behaving and listening well during dinner when we're out and about. The crane is taller than both kids!
And Spring break is never complete without play in water.  The boys love to swim and even Charlie is now getting comfortable with arm floaties!
And when we're not swimming, it's splash park fun as the temperature is rising in the afternoons:
Lots of laughs and running around:
Cool new misting feature at the splash pad:
Charlie seems to be quite accident prone.  We were having dinner at a restaurant by the splash pad and he was running to get some ice-cream, except he ran straight into the glass instead of through the doorway. BANG! Thankfully, the waitress was quick in getting him some cookies and he was happy with that and his ice wrap. Poor kid!
And speaking of temperature rising, look at the forecast for tomorrow.   97F... YIKES!
And by the way, the mention of "widespread dust" for this past Wednesday was completely accurate! We woke up to this orange tinge - it was very strange.  The dust finally lifted a little after 3pm. Thank goodness!
And what's our new thing when we're stuck indoors? Fun with scissors!
I'm still a little nervous with Charlie but Graham has pretty good control now with a pair of scissors:
And the boys went to pee together for the first time!  Graham suggested that Charlie use the stool and even helped Charlie pull his pants down. Too cute!
So far, no more accidents since last week and we even went to the movies today without a pull-up! :-)

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