Sunday, April 26, 2015

Phoenix Trip

Yet another trip to Phoenix this past Spring Break.  We love it there! I think we love it there even more after being here in a different country.  Probably mainly because of all the conveniences in the US and also a lot fewer speed bumps and roundabouts on the road!
As usual, the boys have no issues flying Business Class (thank you, Daddy!). Charlie loves playing with the seat controls. Yes, it even comes with a massage option!
All set and ready to go! Mommy has a good view of ALL her boys - making sure they all behave on the flight:
Even before the flight takes off, Graham has already gone through the complimentary toiletry bag:
I think this says it all!
16 hours later, we land in Dallas and spend the night there.  Excellent idea, daddy!  The boys love being in a hotel room.  Hmm... I wonder why???
The next morning, jetlag sets in for Charlie:
Graham, on the other hand, is ready to start digging/playing in the backyard!
By the way, he was up at 3am the next three days before finally adjusting to the time change. In the meantime, lots of play time on the computer:
And also playing with bubbles outside.  Charlie loves getting at the bubbles with his golf club. Thankfully it's a plastic one:
More digging!
It's just amazing what kids think up with boxes.  I think this is a classic - "I... Am... A... Robot".  Graham even drew in the eyes, nose, and mouth:
I'm so thankful for this playroom. The boys love making a mess in there and relaxing and watching DVDs.  But somehow, that mess still overflows into the living room and kitchen! Kids, I tell ya!
New hat for Charlie! We found it at Target - gosh, how I have missed you!
Speaking of Target, we managed to find the ONLY underwear print that Charlie will wear! Charlie loves this new TV series on the Disney Jr channel called "Paw Patrol".  He is probably 99% potty trained now. Still wetting the bed at night but overall, doing really well!  Graham upgraded to some new undies too - boxer briefs for him. It's so funny how the boys are different that way.
Anyway, probably too much information there. Ha ha!

Back to Phoenix and back to... more bubbles!!!
During one of our trips to the supermarket, there was a fire truck parked along side the parking lot. Coincidentally, a fireman arrived in a... I'm guessing you call it a water tanker truck.  He was so nice to give the boys a tour of the fire ladder truck.  The boys loved it!
And when in Phoenix/Gilbert, we never miss going to the splash pad there.
As usual, always a fun time here.  Somehow, the boys decided to water the grassy area next to the splash pad:
Charlie ended up getting a few scrapes leaning over those bricks.  He's having too much fun to be bothered by it though!
Finally, some "daddy" time. This is probably why Bobby loves being back in Phoenix:
A little walk and... tada!
Speaking of golf, I was there to play in a mini-tour event.  Shot 73, 77, and 71 to finish T-16.  Not too shabby I guess.  I'm just glad I managed to end on a high note.  Plus, I think it took some guts to wear these compression socks!  It was quite the look which I wasn't used to.
It made me feel like a soccer player somehow and made me think of literally kicking the players! That's so bad, right??!  Well, if I'm able to shoot sub-par rounds feeling like that, maybe these compression socks aren't a bad thing after all.  I did somewhat feel a spring in my step - wasn't sure if it was the socks working or perhaps I was just having a good day! :-)

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