Saturday, April 4, 2015

Fun at the club

The golf club hosted a Family Day this past weekend.  The boys had loads of fun!  Graham was so excited about the bow-and-arrow section:
And he loves those bouncy houses:
And who doesn't love ice-cream, especially when it's free! 2 servings of rainbow sherbet for Graham:
And Charlie has ice-cream and pop-corn too, of course. This kid loves pop-corn! Thankfully he loves to floss his teeth too :-)
The club ran out of eggs to paint. Boo-hoo :-(
Here's Charlie a.k.a. our little fish.  He has no fear jumping into the deep end of the pool and he just learned to put his head into the water, with no goggles on!
Graham is still a little tentative but shows us he can put his mouth underwater. Baby steps with Graham!
It's amazing how different both boys are even though they live in the same house with the same parents!
Photo-op with Mommy!

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