Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Storage in Tulsa

Prior to coming back to the UAE, we decided to stop by in Tulsa, Oklahoma to pick up some things from storage (and to see some friends too, of course!).  I wanted to pick up some old family photo albums, especially those of my mom.  Gosh... where do I start??!
After moving a few things out of the way, I found this little box in the corner marked "Photo Albums" and "Abu Dhabi".  Phew! Thankfully I didn't have to move too many things out of the way!
The boys were happy watching a DVD.  Why do we have so many stools??? And ah, the rocking horse. I remembered driving by a garage sale and going back there the next day to pick that one up!
The boys had some other fun too in the storage unit:
The trip to Tulsa is never complete without going to Lowe's.  So many mowers to pick from!
Awww... so tired after!
But never tired enough for some blue ice-cream!
By the way, did I mention how much it rained during our 3 days there?  It was nice to actually see some rain and lots of clouds, for a change:
Needless to say, it was a successful trip back to Tulsa.  I'm so glad I have to photo albums now. All 3 of them. Yes, only 3. And that's exactly what Bob said "Only 3???" except in not quite the same tone as me :-)
I'll share some pics with you.  This is me in Kindergarten at age 6.  Graham and Charlie look nothing like me!
And I remembered my hair being frizzy like that (at age 9).  My mom decided she wanted to perm my hair. I spent the rest of that day trying so hard to brush it straight! Obviously, it did not work. Ha!
It's also nice to have my wedding dress back in my possession. It's the white one.  The purple/pink one was made in Beijing, China when I was there for a golf tournament. Funny enough, that's where I met Bobby (in 2005) in a pro-am. Unfortunately, this one doesn't fit me any more! And then, just another qi-pao in red color. Being Chinese, you can never have enough of these :-)
And coincidentally, I really needed a draft stopper for our back-door in the kitchen here in Abu Dhabi and I found one that we used in Tulsa while rummaging through a couple of boxes.  Perfect!... to keep all that sand and heat out!
It was definitely a great trip back to Tulsa. We all had a good time catching up with some old neighbors and friends.  Not sure when we'll swing by there again. Maybe I'll have to make up some other thing to pick up in storage ;-)

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