Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Buzz hair cuts

Graham has been having his usual buzz hair cuts since he turned 2 year old, I think.  So when I go to the kids' hairdresser, I would just tell them to use the #2 setting on the clippers for Graham - all the way. Easy enough!
As for Charlie, I would normally tell the hairdresser to trim his hair shorter, so most of them have been using a combination of clippers and scissors. Well, except for this last guy.  He said #3? And as he trimmed some hair off the side of Charlie's head... I said, Ok, that looks alright.  And he proceeded to buzz his whole head just like Graham.  And then of course the realization sets in. Wow... that's really short!  And Oops... too late now! Ha ha!
Charlie definitely looks a lot cheekier and naughtier now with his buzz hair cut.  I suppose we are getting ready for the summer heat.  It was 93F today and I have been leaving the car running when I pick up the boys from school.  So far, the minivan has still been there in the parking lot when I return to it :-)
Soon enough, it will also be my turn to buzz my hair.  It will be my 4th time doing it, if I still decide on it - which means it will be 8 summers ago since my mom's passing.  I wonder how people will take it here since it is a whole different country here! I guess I'll find out later this summer!

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