Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Back to Abu Dhabi

The boys are definitely spoiled with Business class now.  Graham is so pre-occupied with the Entertainment TV that he can't even say "cheese" to the camera!
The headset provided is still a little bit too big for Charlie, so I ended up wrapping the socks (provided from the complimentary toiletry bag) on the top side of it.  Voila! :-)  On the previous trip, I used a napkin that was provided during meal time. The flight attendant really got a good laugh out of that one!
Speaking of a good laugh, I had a little "glitch" in my wardrobe during check-in to travel in Business Class, so I had to buy a new shirt and some new shoes.  And of course, the terminal only had 1 store that sold shoes and they only had men's shoes!  This was probably the only time I was blessed to have big feet.  I think I managed to get away with these:
Once landed back in the UAE, we all got to ride in a bus back to the terminal.  Haven't done that in a while!  It's pretty cool to be able to see the big airplane up close.
Okay, so how much Mac 'n' cheese boxes to we really need???  Probably still not enough!
The boys had class photo-taking the same week we returned.  Thankfully they were awake and all for it!  I did manage to take a few of my own:
Charlie is being his cheeky self, as usual:
And yes, it's getting hot here!
The roundabout at the end of our street is being repaired.  They finally decided to tear the whole thing up instead of patching up the depressions.  So in the meantime, we see our new construction "guy" every day.  He's our favorite one so far out of all the other ones we've seen around the city!
After I took the photo, I noticed his left arm is actually an arrow. It was painted black the next day after I took this pic.  Too funny!  We are bracing ourselves for another summer here.  Can't believe it will be 1 year once July rolls around!  It was just 42C or 107F last weekend.  YIKES!!!

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