Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Instead of cooking up the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, Bob suggested that we have meatloaf with Mac 'n' Cheese instead. So it looks like we've started a new tradition here! Well... it was just for the two of us.
We were also finally able to use our chiminea, using firewood that we have had since Houston! Unfortunately, the wind did start to pick up after dinner, so I was not going to stay outside in the cold while Bob finished up his (stinky) cigar. :-p
All in all, it was a good night. I did forget to bake the pumpkin pie so it was the usual tapioca pudding for dessert. I did bake a pumpkin cheesecake pie last week when my sister was in town and that was YUMMY, of course! :-)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Officially an Oklahoma resident!

Today, I finally decided to change my title and car registration from TX to OK. It was a breeze! There was hardly anyone at the Oklahoma Tag Agency compared to what I had to deal with in Houston, TX. If I recall, that was a whole-day affair!
After spending a mere 7 minutes at the Tag Agency, I headed over to the Department of Public Safety, which was less than a mile away. Technically, I was suppose to start here first. Nonetheless, with NOBODY in the office, I was in and out in about 5 minutes! Once being sent back to the Tag Agency with the paperwork, I stepped straight to the counter (again, no waiting involved here) and was helped by the same lady as before, who happily said "She's back!".
After taking my picture and fingerprints, my Oklahoma driver's license was done in a couple minutes (as compared to Houston where you get it in the mail a few days later). There's a bright red block print across my ID that says "TEMPORARY" - probably because I'm here in the country on a visa. Nice... Well, if anything, at least the picture looked good :-)
The most annoying and time consuming part was probably trying to peel off the TX registration that's on the inside of the windshield. That probably took more time than the trip itself today! My knuckles are sore now trying to get to the narrowest part of the windshield and my palms too are sore from trying to unscrew the old TX license plate from the front of the car. Thankfully, in Oklahoma, we only need on at the back of the car.
Sure beats living in a big city. I'm starting to like this town. Plus, I think my white car looks better with a green license plate! ;-)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mosaic Table Project - Part I 7/8

Ta da....!!! All done! Well... almost done. As you can see from the title, I still have 1/8 left. Just have to put the grout sealant on and touch-up the sides of the table.Of course, just my luck, the store ran out of BlueOyster color, so I decided to go with Green Tea. Looks like I need a little bit more help on my color wheel. The color of the tiles (i.e. porcelain garden stool and 4 wine bottles!) just don't pop as much as I would like them to.
The table itself is still a bit wobbly but as long as nobody dances on top of it, I think it will be alright! :-)

The Bradford's first visit

By the end of the weekend, little Mikey had 2 bruises on his head. One on his left forehead from sneezing and bumping his head into our kitchen table. And the second one on his right eye-brow when he fell on our cow decor on the front porch. I think that was mostly mommy's fault though because we were waiting for her to get ready. Anyhow, Mikey had to fall on the horn of the cow and thankfully it didn't take his eye out!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Little Mikey's visit to Tulsa, Okla.!

Little Mikey had his first plane ride yesterday and according to Sis, it went really well. I'm glad they were able to get on a direct flight from Minneapolis.

So far so good... I've only had to tape one corner of our shelf with bubble wrap. He did enjoy playing with the door-stop (until it came off!).

Mosaic Table Project - Part I 3/4

After glueing all the pieces together, I was finally able to start adding the grout. The guy in the store said "This should be plenty of grout for your table"... and was he wrong! It only covered about a third of my table, as you can see here below:I'm still not sure if Oyster Blue was the right color, but I guess it's a little bit too late to change my mind now. I really don't want to start chipping it off. I did go back to the store to get more grout and unfortunately there was only 1 bag of blue left. I'm going to have to check another store location. Otherwise, it will be a dual-colored table top. And oh, I decided to spray-paint the legs black. Didn't like the brown stain that I had put on earlier. It will go better with our black rocking chairs :-)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Nice surprise

Bob surprised me at the airport with a dozen of roses! At least this time he showed up at the correct terminal (Tulsa IS a small airport). Unfortunately, he did forget to take the price tag off... but that really didn't matter. The roses were beautiful. And of course, with no vase in the house, I opted for the plastic milk carton, courtesy of Borden milk :-)
As for the other not-so-nice surprises when I got home...
- the pot of cacti in front of the house had fallen over and dumped soil all over the front walkway
- all my veggies in the garden (except for the strawberries!) are dead
- the license plate, i.e. roof of my birdhouse had been blown off into the empty lot next door!
- the hibiscus flower, which was so close to full-bloom before I left for Florida, was no where to be seen
Looks like the storm that had blown through a few nights ago was a really bad one!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Made the cut at Q-school!

After 3 days of consistent play - 73, 74, 74... I'm in the middle of the pack after the 90-player cut. Unfortunately, that means another early morning. I'm first off on the 10th tee at 7:30am! After being able to sleep in at home for a few weeks, 5:30am wake-up calls are just brutal! :-s
By the way, here's the picture of my hibiscus that was just starting to bloom before leaving for FL from Tulsa. We'll see how it is when I get back home this sat!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fifth time's the charm?

Well, back in FUTURES Tour qualifying school in Florida for the 5th time. I feel so OLD! There are so many new faces this year and all of them are so young - high school kids and college seniors mostly.
I was out at Huntington Hills GC yesterday practicing and it brought back memories of how I broke the toilet bowl there last year. Haha...!
The off-season will officially start for me once q-school is over this Friday. Yay! :-)