Thursday, June 21, 2018

Uncle Doug's visit

Bobby's brother came by to visit a couple of weeks ago.  Graham and Charlie were so excited that Uncle Doug was coming by for the weekend! We took him to visit the resort next door for a morning:
 It was a perfect day for some crab viewing by the tide pools:
The boys took the opportunity for some art that is set up occasionally during the weekends at the resort:
Not too shabby!  This one is Charlie's:
And this one is Graham's:
Later that day, we are off to "Crepe Street" for some beach time:
 And for some crepe of course! :-D
The next day, we are off to the Dodger's Stadium!
Thankfully traffic wasn't too bad so we arrived pretty early.  There were already so many people walking in! 
Time for a we-fie!!!
The kids got some pretty nifty sweatbands.  I am jealous!
As usual, it is nacho chips for Graham:
Cotton candy for Charlie:
 And some yummy pulled pork on yummy Hawaiian sweet bread for Mommy. YUMMM!!!!
Can't forget to take a photo with the Dodgers Dog:
As usual, every game starts with the National Anthem.  I like how Charlie puts his hand on his heart - just how they do it at school.  But yet, he is still holding on to his pretzel with his other hand. Ha ha!
These seats are awesome!!!
It is basically a snack fest for Graham and Charlie.  I have to say - that frozen lemonade was pretty darn good:
We take a break halfway as it does get quite hot sitting in the sun.  And it was only 76F!!?!
Who knew the Dodgers actually started out in Brooklyn!
Graham has some soft serve ice-cream and oh, Charlie did have his churrrrrrrrrrrrros too.  We kinda actually miss that guy back at the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium!
The people sitting next to us forgot their mist-spraying fan.  I finally let Graham use it after waiting for about 20 minutes.  And just about 5-10 minutes after that, one of their kids showed up to claim it.  Bummer!!! Ha ha!
The people in front of us decided to leave, so our seats get even better :-)
What an AWESOME day with Uncle Doug!!!
On the way out, we take photos with the Tommy Lasorda bobblehead.  Lasorda is an American baseball icon - successfully managing the LA Dodgers from 1977 to 1996. 
 Photo op with the Golden Glove:
After the baseball game, we head out to Chinatown for a bit.  There wasn't much happening other than a quick photo with Bruce Lee:
So we made a couple more turns and ended up in little Mexico on Olvera Street.  Unfortunately, I don't have any photos because my camera ran out of battery!  There was definitely a lot more going on here - there were restaurants and also an open market selling gifts, clothes, shoes, and lots of knick-knacks.  We did pick up a little baby guitar for the boys although we are having a tough time tuning it. Guess we got what we paid for!
The oldest building in Los Angeles is situated here as well - the Avila Adobe.  It was built by Francisco Avila, a wealthy cattle rancher in 1818. The adobe walls are 2 1/2 to 3 ft thick!

What a fun week with Uncle Doug.  Please come and visit us again! :-)

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Random photos

Somehow the boys ended up going to school one day with two different shoes from different pairs.  How did they get pass me on that??!
Pajama day for last day of school (June 7):
A random sighting of Graham vacuuming :-)  Uncle Doug is coming to visit!
Mommy bought a new bicycle!  Hope this means more trips to the beach and the park for bike rides.  At least I don't have to run along side them now, although that would whip me into shape pretty quickly :-D
Now this photo is random for sure - Charlie taking a selfie! Ha ha ha!
As for the ginger plant, perhaps I shouldn't have put it outside.  It is not having a good time :-\
The hibiscus plant is doing really well though!  I saw bags of hibiscus flowers for sale in a supermarket recently. I wonder what they use it for:
The tomatoes are flowering as well and my peppers are slowly turning orange.  I hope those aphids stay away!!!

Graham and Charlie have been busy now that school is out.  Time at the beach:
Graham and Charlie have Parkour once a week where they climb, bounce, and jump around in a gym for an hour.  They are definitely building up some good upper body strength!
Now I have to convince them to follow me to the Asian market so I can have some yummy Korean food:
If anything, everyone enjoys Daddy's eggy-in-a-basket!  Funny enough we all want it differently. Runny for me, firm for Charlie, and scrambled for Graham.
I am just impressed that Graham is starting to eat eggs now.  And today, he even had some granola with yogurt! Hooray for Graham!!!

Happy birthday Daddy!!! (May 30)

8 days after Graham's birthday is Bobby's birthday.  It sure is busy in the Pridgen household!

Happy birthday to you,
You were born in the zoo,
You look like a monkey,
and you smell like one too...!!!

Okay, okay... time for the card and presents :-)
Thank you mom (in-law) and Bob (coincidentally her husband's name is also Bob) for the lovely card.  And now something from me and the boys:
It's a book called "Maps of the Civil War".  Being the history buff that Bobby is, this book stood out when I was browsing along the local library book sale :-)
Next on the agenda, Bobby's favorite - Chicken Parmesan for dinner.  It actually did turn out pretty yummy.  And this time I roasted some whole garlic cloves too.  Mmmmmm....
Graham and Charlie helped me make some cupcakes for Daddy:
I'm not sure how I ended up writing 38 and not 48.  Maybe I am the one in denial???! Ha Ha! Happy birthday to Daddy! WE LOVE YOU!!! XOXOX

Saturday, June 9, 2018

San Francisco - Part 3

Here are some more photos I missed out from yesterday's trip to the Bay Area Discover Museum:
We had a smoothie and I am not sure how they do it but this plastic cup is made from corn???
As I had mentioned in my previous post, Graham loves to dig!
The "dab" is still in with these two monkeys.  This was after leaving the Discovery Museum and we were heading over to the pier.  Their hats are backwards because it was soooooooo windy!
 Family we-fie!!!
Fort Baker fishing pier:
A view of the city from the pier.  You can see some wind-surfers on the water.  Looks like a lot of hard work!
And right before leaving the pier, we spot a couple of sea lions.  Too cool!
For dinner, we swing by The Stinking Rose restaurant.  It's basically a restaurant that serves everything with lot and lots and LOTS of garlic!  No kissing tonight with Bobby!!!
After dinner, we walk around little Italy.  Too bad this little Italian store was closed :-(
We find a hardware store that sells ladybugs!  Except the lady bugs were sold in a container of 500 bugs and it needed to be refrigerated as that would keep them hibernating. Who knew! The store staff then asked if the boys wanted balloons and who wouldn't want balloons.  Except that Graham lost a grip of his balloon/string and the poor lady that offered ended up on the ladder to retrieve it.  These people are too nice:
We walk through Chinatown to get back to the hotel:
My quick moment with the Bruce Lee mural!  I remembered watching his movies as a kid and he would do this thing where he flicks his nose with this thumb when he is about to fight, as if taunting the other person.  Here's my tribute to another Lee! :-)
Still got the balloons!
This mural was rather bizzare - looks like the Goddess of Mercy but she is holding a scalpel???
The boys kept wanting to go to this park across the street from the hotel.  It was evening and there were plenty of Asian men gathered playing something (I couldn't really see) and the Asian women were playing cards. Interesting past time!
I wonder how old this advertising against the brick wall is.  Room rates are 25, 30, 35, or 50 cents per night or $1.50 per week, hot and cold water available!
Interesting building with 3 statues on the top?
Okay, quite the day!  The next day, we are on the road back to LA but without Bobby. He has his interview this morning. He will be flying back into LAX and supposedly, the plan was for him to leave his car at the airport.  Well, we had forgotten to do that on the way out of LA.  So... that means we have to drive back and pick him up!
By the way, note to self: Next time before starting on a roadtrip, ALWAYS check the window wipers for valet tickets.  Gosh, this tickets can make quite the buzzing sound!!!
In-and-out and McDonald's right next to each other.  Win-win for both me and the boys!!! :-D
Phew!!! So hot halfway through the drive.  It got up to 100F... are you kidding me??!?
Charlie has fallen asleep.  Man down!!!
Los Angeles!!!  That's the Getty Center up on the hill.  I got caught up watching the TV series called "Trust" recently.  Probably the only reason why I am familiar with that name.  What a whacky story with how the family wouldn't pay the ransom for the grandson's kidnapping:
Well, we are early!!!  Bobby's flight will only be landing in another 1 1/2 hours.  So we head out to Marina del Rey for a quick look-see:
Running wild after 6 hours in the car:
Then, there is still more time so we have some ice-cream:

Instead of driving in circles, I decided to just park the car in the parking lot and we get out to greet Daddy.  Talk about service!
The interview went really well.  Stay tuned for details soon!!!