Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Phoenix trip - Part 2

While in Phoenix, Graham just loved playing with all the gravel in the backyard:
Ahhh... the boy and his trucks!
I did try to get the two boys to sit awhile together. I'm glad Graham didn't mind putting his arm around Charlie!
Like Graham, Charlie is now scooting himself to the corner of the crib when he sleeps:
 But unlike Graham, he has yet to love bath time!
And oh! We had our first babysitter for Charlie! He finally drank from the bottle!  It wasn't much but at least he didn't go too hungry.
When it was finally time to leave Phoenix, we decided to drive instead of fly.  
We stopped in Flagstaff - which is about 3 hours away on Day 1.  Charlie's cheeks were so red - probably from the elevation change:
And on Day 2 - it was about 500 miles from Flagstaff to Tucumcari, NM.  Graham had more than one Happy Meal on the trip:
Our minivan hit 100,000 miles!
And Graham read his big book:
And we got suckered into buying another bulldozer for Graham, although this one did keep him occupied for most of Day 3 too - which was another 500 miles from Tucumcari to Tulsa.
And with so many pictures of Graham, here is just one of Charlie. It was rather difficult to take pictures of Charlie since he was facing the other way in his carseat right behind me.  And here is one of those rare moments when he was actually quiet!

Phoenix trip - Part 1

Last week was Graham's Fall break from school/daycare so we all decided to go to Phoenix.  It was Charlie's first plane ride.  I thought he did great!  At the end of it, it was actually Graham that got a little cranky and fussy.

The double/tandem stroller that we bought is working out great for the two boys:
Looks like both Daddy and Mommy have lost their window seat to Graham:
Charlie was hungry starting out, but once he was fed, everyone was happy:
While in Phoenix, we did a lot of things.  We went to the mall where Graham was able to have fun on the children's rides:
Graham just loves to drive!
And one day, on our way to In-and-Out burger, Graham fell asleep in the minivan.  So we parked in front of the building and ate at one of the tables on the front patio while Graham slept:
And Charlie just looked on and drooled:
We also visited a local pumpkin patch.  Graham had fun decorating a pumpkin with Daddy, although I really wonder who had more fun:
And Graham had his first hay ride:
I tried to have Charlie participate too:
But he was not a happy camper!  Charlie just cried...
... and cried!
Graham, on the other hand, just loved running from one playhouse to another:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More smiles from Charlie (video)

Charlie has been smiling a lot more and also trying to "talk".  Just so cute!
And funny enough, occasionally when Charlie sneezes, he would follow the sneeze by saying "aaaiiiiii..." just like his big brother Graham when Graham was a baby (seen here at 2 months old: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyL8639y-ac)

Charlie is doing a lot better in his carseat.  He did not cry once at all today when I dropped Graham off at school and on the way home. Quite an improvement from last week and the several weeks before that too!