Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Phoenix trip - Part 1

Last week was Graham's Fall break from school/daycare so we all decided to go to Phoenix.  It was Charlie's first plane ride.  I thought he did great!  At the end of it, it was actually Graham that got a little cranky and fussy.

The double/tandem stroller that we bought is working out great for the two boys:
Looks like both Daddy and Mommy have lost their window seat to Graham:
Charlie was hungry starting out, but once he was fed, everyone was happy:
While in Phoenix, we did a lot of things.  We went to the mall where Graham was able to have fun on the children's rides:
Graham just loves to drive!
And one day, on our way to In-and-Out burger, Graham fell asleep in the minivan.  So we parked in front of the building and ate at one of the tables on the front patio while Graham slept:
And Charlie just looked on and drooled:
We also visited a local pumpkin patch.  Graham had fun decorating a pumpkin with Daddy, although I really wonder who had more fun:
And Graham had his first hay ride:
I tried to have Charlie participate too:
But he was not a happy camper!  Charlie just cried...
... and cried!
Graham, on the other hand, just loved running from one playhouse to another:

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