Saturday, March 28, 2015

New light shades

Bobby finally caved in and decided we needed some pendant light shades.  When we moved into our apartment here, we had these exposed light bulbs.  According to a friend of mine, we were actually lucky to even have that.  When they moved into their villa years ago, they only had exposed wiring hanging down from the ceiling!
Doesn't look too bad :-) thanks to IKEA, of course.  We only have them in the living room for now. As you can see, we still have an exposed light bulb (top left of pic).  That's in our dining room. May do something different there.  The paper shades are nice but having broken a little piece of the frame, the middle one doesn't hold on that well any more.  Plus, the boys are now kicking soccer balls in the house - that doesn't help either!

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