Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Charlie is 20 months old

Looks like this posting will need to cover both the 19th month and 20th month.  I thought I had already posted Charlie's 19 month progress, but nope!

Well, where should I start?  Right of the bat I can tell you that Charlie is definitely talking more now. Although most of the time, he sort of screams out orders like "bau bau!" which means "hold me" in Chinese and then, I get this look from him:
And Charlie will also bark out orders like "milk! milk!" or "book! book!" or "digger!".  And then, I'll ask him to say please and he'll have the softest, cutest "please" ever.  There's also the usual "uh uh" for no and "uh huh" for yes.
Although, now he is starting to actually say "yes" a lot more and some of the other recognizable words that he can say are momma, daddy, waffle, cookie, and "yuck" for truck.
Charlie continues to copy what his big brother does, like apple sauce time:
I love how Charlie even wanted to be on the same stool!  Then, there's pretend cooking time in their apron:
And sharing Mommy's wheel-barrel time in the backyard:
Charlie is quite the little boy now!
Hopefully there won't be too many "bau bau" times as he is starting to get quite heavy!

And oh, I forgot one more: "Yogurt! Yogurt!"... please....

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