Friday, November 1, 2013


Happy Halloween!  Thankfully, the weather last night was not too cold.  The boys were able to wear their outfits without having to cover it up with a sweater!
For whatever reason - for the last few weeks/months, Graham kept saying he wanted to be Spiderman this Halloween. I wonder if it had anything to do with his new Spiderman flip-flops that I bought for him this past summer! Thankfully I found a Spiderman pajama outfit just this past Sunday.  It came with little footsies so I just snipped those off.  He was so happy when he put on his outfit!
Here are the superheroes for the night:  Spiderboy with obvious empty trick-or-treat bucket, Batkid with original black cape, and Super(wo)man with red Hilti shirt/cape :-)
We practiced trick-or-treating with Daddy (dressed as "golfer) at the door before heading out and Charlie was so happy with his first pack of candy!
Here we go! Graham was so excited about ringing the doorbells, he barely waited for us.  As you can see, he's already at the door!
Halfway through and Graham is showing off his bucket of candy and Charlie is still hanging onto his packet of candy (showing me that he wants to eat it)!
Finally home and going through the stash of candy with Daddy:
The boys sure love their candy and chocolate, especially Charlie!

And as for school earlier that day, I put the boys in "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" shirts. That was actually the original plan - bright red outfits with blue hair, but Graham REALLY wanted to be Spiderman!
Anyway, Graham had to be in a black or orange shirt for school so I opted for black (since he didn't have an orange one!).  I went cheap and found some scrap fabric in my sewing box and with a handy-dandy permanent marker, I went to work :-)
Ta da!
The side of the fabric was a little fray so I used my glitter nail polish from last year's halloween witch accessory.  It actually worked quite well!
So here's Thing 1:
And Thing 2:
I couldn't get a picture of both boys together and Thing 2 was not cooperating very well.  He really wanted his ba-na-na!

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