Tuesday, November 12, 2013


During our trip to Phoenix last week, we decided to check out Butterfly Wonderland.
No, the photo isn't blurry.  It was actually that misty walking into the atrium. I guess butterflies love humidity!
There were butterflies everywhere:
There was a lot of pointing. Butterfly here...
Butterfly  there...
Butterfly on daddy...
Butterflies everywhere!
I guess the butterflies really liked daddy.  Bobby was very proud of his little new friend:
 Ooohhhh.... little friend getting a little adventurous:
Hmm... trying to get a kiss???  Bobby is definitely starting to squirm!
Nope, no kiss but the butterfly actually decided to check out Bobby's nose instead!  Bobby was obviously felt disgusted (and violated!) by now!
Well, if anything it was at least a really pretty blue butterfly:
After a while, the boys were more interested in the fish pond:
And after a while, all of us started to really sweat. So it was time to go.
The butterfly emergence gallery was kind of cool:
We did see one butterfly cocoon wiggling a little, but no butterflies emerged while we were there.
The place was fun and exciting for the first few minutes, but after a while there really wasn't too much to see. There were some fish tanks and an an active bee hive that you could see through glass inside the building as well, but for the price, we thought there would be a lot more to see.  Needless to say, we were a little bit disappointed so I think we are sticking to the zoo!

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