Friday, November 22, 2013

More home improvements

Seems like there's always something going on in this house! The kitchen light decided that it didn't want to work anymore.  That was a few weeks ago. I finally had to pick out a new light fixture and fix it before my sister's visit. This was a little tricky because with the light not working, I wasn't sure if the power was still on since the breaker wasn't labeled. So... off to the local home improvement store again! I finally had to figure out how to use one of there multimeters.
Anyhow... here's the before. The fixture was just hanging by now on the wires.
And after.  Seems like LED is the way to go these days! It's amazing how much brighter it is compared to florescent lighting:
By the way, here's our new art display in our living room :-)
Hopefully the boys will not be tempted to pull their artwork down!

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