Thursday, November 28, 2013

Graham is 3 1/2 years old

Graham is now 3 1/2 years old!  Can't believe it... our little boy is growing up so quickly, although he is barely tipping the scale at 32 lbs and 38" in height.  He's such a talker though - can't get him to stop! We're slowly but surely teaching him how to recognize his alphabets and number, but talk about a short attention span!

Let's see... what does he love doing these days:  Definitely loves to sing - he loves singing to his music CDs while in the car.  He's definitely hooked to the TV!  Even while you're trying to take this photo, as you can see here:
And even while little Charlie is up in the same chair taking a pic, Graham's eyes are still glued to the TV!
He loves to run, jump (especially into rain puddles), dance (we can't find the dancing video!), play pretend - he loves this one, for example: pretending to weed-whack with a waterhose/wand, pretending to be a store clerk "What would you like today, sir?".  Graham has got quite the imagination!

And oh, he is finally potty-trained!  Well, he still wears a pull-up/diaper at night but during the day, he does really well now. He's even actually standing up to pee. "Just like my daddy", he would say :-)

And we had the chalk out today on the driveway and who knew Graham is quite the artist too!  Can you guess what he drew?
You got it!  It's a Happy Squid!  :-D  And then, the Happy Squid got some hair:
Ha! Too funny! I just love his imagination!

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