Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  
Somehow it didn't feel like Thanksgiving. Perhaps it was because everyone had the sniffles and cough, except for me (knock on wood!).  Bobby said that I was not allowed to get sick!

We couldn't really decide what to do for dinner - go out or cook at home.  Our dishwasher was sort of acting up.  The soap would not dispense during the wash cycle! I thought it was those wash tablets but even the liquid soap didn't work either.  After about 4 washes, we decided to just leave the dispenser open.  Hopefully it was just the way I arranged the dishes that particular time.

In the end, we did decide to have dinner at home. And just like the last few years, it was meatloaf for Thanksgiving dinner!  And corn bread.
Yes, a lot of corn bread!
We didn't have any greens. Corn is a vegetable, right?  Anyhow, Charlie's belly was not 100% so perhaps the idea of edamame (our constant supply in the freezer) wouldn't have been too good for him.  He wouldn't eat his meatloaf but at least he liked the cornbread. He is so insisted sometimes about feeding himself with the spoon or fork. I'm not sure exactly how much of it ends up in his mouth vs. his bib though!
And for dessert, no pumpkin pie but blueberry pie instead.  I have yet to make our favorite pumpkin cheesecake pie. Perhaps this Sunday, when the neighbors come over for tea!

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