Thursday, November 28, 2013

Charlie is (almost) 16 months old

Ok... not quite 16 months old, but I'm always late in his monthly updates!  Ha! Not this month :-)

Charlie is really starting to comprehend things around him.  He can say quite a few words now including "all done" and "bye" - which he kept saying over and over again during our recent doctor's visit. The doctor was quite impressed! But poor fella is struggling with quite a cough lately.  He has a little dip in his growth chart with his weight now - only in the 10th percentile at 21lbs 10oz. He has started to become quite picky with his food lately. But somehow he manages to tell the difference between chocolate/candy and everything else! As for height, thankfully he's a little bit better at 30 1/2" tall (25th percentile).

As usual, Charlie loves his excavators or "digger" as he calls it:
He's learning to play more. He was quite clever with this stacking toy:
Once he got the first one done, the rest were a lot simpler with the stand up.  Look at that concentration!
And he's started to learn how to ride on the little trucks.  He loves making the "beep, beep" sound when the truck backs up:
Hmm... looks like he was staring at the TV there too, just like this brother!  And oh, Charlie is almost walking now!
He can take about 5 to 6 steps on his own. But gosh, by now I thought he'd be cruising along at 16 months.  I suppose what he lacks in steps he gains intellectually.  Charlie is starting to be quite good with animal noises and playing peek-a-boo too. Too cute!
He loves imitating his big brother Graham.  Hopefully Graham won't teach him too many bad things!

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