Saturday, January 9, 2016

Munich (Part 2)

Technically, Part 2 is from Innsbruck, Austria!  We took a train ride from Munich's main train station, which was actually closed on New Year's eve because of a terror alert. Yikes!  But all was good when we were passing through on Jan 3.

Once we got onto our train, we couldn't quite figure out where our seats were:
We ended up finding an empty cabin and thankfully, the train conductor let us stay there :-)  The boys were fascinated with all the snow outside!
The train ride was almost 2 hours and amazingly, they were happy with these little rings that stacked on top of each other. They both made "rocket boosters".
Once we arrived in Innsbruck, we took a taxi to Hungerburg, where we bought tickets for our cable car ride to Seegrube (1,905m or 6,250ft) and further up to Hafelekar (2,256m or 7,400ft). Here we go!
We were quickly above the trees.  So foggy!
So much snow! Although supposedly, there hasn't been much this year at all:
All the way up to the top!  Can you see the little white structure on the top?
I couldn't really take a photo of the cable car. I suppose the shadow of it will have to do:
The boys were so excited to touch the snow. It's funny how Graham doesn't remember playing with snow back in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
What an amazing view from the top at Hafelekar!
Too close to the edge up here!
So we make our way back down to Seegrube.  The boys were able to get into more snow here. It's too bad they didn't have proper shoes and snow pants on.  Otherwise we could have gone sledging down the slopes. Free equipment for the day, which Bobby later found out. Boo hoo!
There were lounge chairs by the edge of this cliff.  Of course we had to try it out, not too close that is. Graham took this photo:
After a little playtime, it was snack time and can't forget nap time!
Bobby and Graham went to play some more while Charlie and I hung out until the sun almost set.  Can't say it enough times... Just spectacular!
When Charlie finally woke up, he realized that he had missed out on the snow ball fight.  But thankfully the snow-plough made it all better:
On the way back to the train station, we had the same taxi driver take us around the city of Innsbruck. Old town was amazing with old architecture, especially the Golden Roof or Goldenes Dachl.  Literally, a roof made out of gold that was completed in 1500.  No photo as the camera battery was out! But somehow, we did managed to take a few more once the battery warmed up.

We're back at the train station waiting for our train back to Munich. An hour of delay because of issues with the locomotive! Thankfully we had upgraded our train tickets earlier and were able to use the lounge. The boys take turns now napping and snacking:
We find another nice cabin in the train! Still couldn't really figure out if these were out seats. The train conductor clicked our tickets and thankfully, it was all good.
Charlie being cheeky during dinner time!
How many bags of pretzel can you get when you have two little boys? Apparently a lot!
What a fun day!

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