Monday, January 25, 2016

HSBC Golf Championship week

I think Bobby and I were more eager about this rather than the boys.  It's always so cool to watch the European Tour players come out and play our home course.  The boys were perhaps eager to be up on the grandstands. Thankfully no one yet during practice rounds!
And what a lucky opportunity for us to catch Ernie Els by the 18th green after his practice. Super nice guy!
And always interesting to see what sort of gadgets are used to catch all the action during the tournament:
All the flags are up by the driving range leading into the Championship Village.  The American flag was next to the UAE one.   And it's always fun trying to name the other flags.  Too bad there are no Malaysia representatives. One day, perhaps!
There was even a chopper on site during the pro-am day! It was parked in between #9 and #18.
And even more exciting was to watch it take off!  It was quite loud as you can tell with the boys covering their ears and thankfully, we were mostly done with our dinner.  Dust flying everywhere!
When the boys were at school, Bobby and I were able to watch a few players practicing on the golf course.  Selfie time!
On Friday, we took the boys and spent almost all afternoon in the Championship Village.  There was so much for them to do! There was soccer (or football as they call it here):
Putt-putt for the adults and kids:
Rugby - Charlie could have stayed here for hours just doing this!
Sand play!  There's actually water where the blue is, but I made sure the boys stayed out of.  The sand was messy enough!
Pitching and bunker play:
Video games - although it was soccer rather than golf.  Not like it mattered!
We did try to watch some golf.  Obviously the boys were not too interested:
Yes, I brought my little umbrella out.  I only noticed a handful of them.  I told Bobby that I could get away with using one because I'm Asian. Ha ha! :-)
Nope... they are still not interested in watching ANY golf!
We were suppose to go home by 3:30pm on Friday but the Trick Shot boys were about to have a show. Needless to say, we stayed to watch that and by then, it was dinner time and so 6 1/2 hours later, we are finally on our way home!

I'll have to try this one someday ;-)
Maybe the boys can attempt this one when they are older.  Quite impressive!
Out of the entire week, I think this was my favorite photo - me and the boys with the trophy!
Maybe someday Graham or Charlie will be able to put their name on that trophy.  Might be a long shot, but you just never know!

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